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Contamination of land, soil or water is rarely visible to the naked eye. Most often, landowners have suspicions that something isn’t right with their land due to a barren spot on the ground, or with their water due to saltiness in water coming from their wells. To truly determine whether these issues are results of contamination, you need to bring in individuals knowledgeable in the area of oil and gas law. Veron, Bice, Palermo & Wilson, LLC, is one of only three firms in Louisiana dedicated to pursuing justice in contamination cases. We have experience handling a variety of cases involving environmental law and mineral rights law. Our environmental law attorneys in Lake Charles, Louisiana, fight to hold oil companies responsible for the legacies they have left behind due to improper operations.

Leading the Charge Against Irresponsible Oil and Gas Companies

Attorney J. Michael Veron paved the way for landowner rights to sue for environmental damage to their properties in a seminal case against Shell Oil. Since that time, our firm has been pursuing cases against oil companies involving pipeline issues; poor practices in drilling and general carelessness in protecting the land they drill on.

We will personally investigate all DNR records to determine what drilling has occurred. We’ll review historical photographs and then visit the property with environmental consultants to test for soil contamination. We will also test to understand the extent of groundwater and well water contamination.

Contact Our Louisiana Attorneys to Discuss Your Environmental Damage Lawsuit

We offer free consultations to landowners who have suspicions that their families and their land are suffering due to contamination. We will evaluate your situation and clearly explain to you what steps we can take to pursue justice.

To schedule your consultation with one of our lawyers, please contact our Louisiana law firm today at 337-800-8800.

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