5 Tractor Trailers Involved in Deadly Crash on Interstate-10 in Louisiana

5 Tractor Trailers Involved in Deadly Crash on Interstate-10 in Louisiana

Sometimes, when there’s one crash, it can start a chain reaction. These types of accidents tend to cause a lot of injuries. Sometimes, these crashes involve numerous fatalities. 5 tractor trailers involved in a deadly crash on interstate-10. Thankfully, in the multi-vehicle crash that happened in Louisiana at the end of August only left one of its victims dead.

When you hear that an accident involved 5 tractor trailers and a car, you imagine the worst. Truck accidents are always very serious. When you add to that the fact that multiple trucks were involved, the results can be disastrous.

On August 26, in the early afternoon, the initial accident happened about halfway between Lafayette and Baton Rouge. The crash took place in the westbound lanes of Interstate-10 at the 124.5 mile marker.

The initial accident involved 2 tractor trailers and one car. This led to three more tractor trailers to crash into the melee, leaving several of the drivers injured. One of the trucks was a fully loaded logging truck that cause fire as a result of the crash. It continued to burn long into the evening.

Sadly, one person did die as a result of the crash. No names or other details have been announced.

The accident caused a 3-mile backup, all the way to Atchafalaya Bridge. Motorists were advised to take an alternate route. Authorities ultimately closed the road in order to clean up the debris. Thankfully, none of the oil tankers involved in the crash spilled or caught fire.

These accidents tend to be very serious. If your loved one is injured in a truck accident, you need to contact our office. We can help get you and your family the justice they deserve. We can’t bring your loved one back. But we can make sure you get the compensation you’re entitled to.

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