Proponents of Louisiana levee board lawsuit release new website

Proponents of Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority-East’s lawsuit have been busy. The SLFPA-E’s lawsuit and its attorneys were affected by the ruling in the LOGA case because it said that the Attorney General was correct in allowing the SLFPA-E to hire outside council with a contingency fee.

While there is still the legislative battle to overcome, backers of the SLFPA-E’s lawsuit are moving forward in an attempt to gain even more support. A new website has been launched that spells out what more than 80 years of the oil and gas industry doing business in Louisiana has cost the environment.

The website provides documentation of laws and regulations that the oil and gas company has reportedly violated. Some of the documents are from the 1930s, presented on a timeline to show the various transgressions of the oil and gas industry.

According to the former vice president of the SLFPA-E, who was replaced by Gov. Bobby Jindal’s appointee, the oil and gas companies “say they complied with the law. These documents prove they did not.”

The site is meant to show the public the reasons for the SLFPA-E’s lawsuit, which seeks to hold almost 100 oil and gas companies responsible for damage and injury to the state’s coastal areas. The suit wants the oil and gas companies to pay for the damage or to fix it.

LOGA called the website a “stunt” and has organized its own campaign called, “Give ’em the Boot” in order to drum up support for their views that these types of lawsuits will push the oil and gas companies out of Louisiana.

Those who are concerned about environmental issues in Louisiana often find that pursuing legal action is the only way to remedy the situation. An experienced environmental Louisiana attorney can provide more information about how to pursue such action.

Source: The Advocate, “Backers of coastal-erosion lawsuit launch new website” Jeff Adelson, Mar. 14, 2014

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