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A fracture, broken bone or other orthopedic-related injury is not something to brush off as common, and therefore not serious. These orthopedic injuries are very serious and many times require orthopedic surgery, not just initially but multiple times to continue to fix the injury. Rehabilitation can be required for the most serious of cases. An attorney experienced in orthopedic injuries in Lake Charles, Louisiana, can make sure you are properly compensated for your injuries. Call Veron, Bice, Palermo, & Wilson LLC at 337-202-2922 to learn how we can help your case.

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The past and future medical costs for an orthopedic injury are extraordinary, and as the victim of negligent actions, you should not have to bear these costs. Tell us your crash story and how you sustained your orthopedic injury. We can discuss this in a free initial consultation.

Case: Ellen’s Orthopedic Injury Story

The plaintiff, Ellen, was a rural postal carrier traveling on a two-lane state highway near Lake Charles, Louisiana, during a rainstorm. The legally intoxicated opposing driver with worn tires crossed the centerline and impacted Ellen’s vehicle head-on. The opposing driver died, and Ellen sustained multiple severe injuries. Troopers at the scene and photographs were taken noted pooling of the water due to wheel path ruts on the highway.

Ellen’s crash reconstruction expert surveyed the scene shortly after the crash and collected data from the roadway and the two vehicles. The investigation revealed that there was considerable rutting over a long length of roadway that would have been traversed by the opposing driver. This rutting was sufficient to allow water to pool to some depths that were in excess of the state’s standard. The Department of Transportation and Development (DOTD) had noted the ruts in a routine inspection months before the crash, yet failed to repair the defective roadway.

Ellen underwent multiple orthopedic procedures. Surgery included fixation of the left femur, rodding of the left tibia, double plating of the left ulna, a third plate fixed on the radius, a reduction of the talus, tibia and fibula and fusion of the tibia and fibula.

Ellen’s case settled for $1.25 million with the DOTD.

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