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A burn injury is extremely painful, can permanently scar and can cause severe emotional trauma. If you or a loved one has suffered a burn injury in Louisiana, our team of attorneys is here for you and your family. We strive to seek justice through full and fair compensation. Since every burn injury is different, the injured victim requires customized personal injury representation. That is what our law firm will provide for you and your family during what is an understandably difficult time. Whether you were in a fiery crash, a car crash or another type of catastrophic crash, we can help. Contact us online today.  An experienced burn injury lawyer in  Lake Charles, Louisiana, will begin reviewing your case.

Categorizing Degrees Of Burn Injuries

The traditional system of categorizing burns is by classification of degree: first through sixth. The categories of fourth-degree through sixth-degree burns are usually used in post-mortem classification.

Some medical professionals have begun adopting a new system of categorizing the severity of a burn. It reflects the need for surgical intervention and is broken down into the categories of superficial, superficial partial-thickness, deep partial-thickness, and full-thickness.

Burns can also be assessed in terms of total body surface area (TBSA). This is the percentage of a person’s body affected by a burn. TBSA only applies to partial or full-thickness burns, not superficial burns.

FAQs About Burn Injuries

The most common

What should be done to treat a minor burn?

  • Cool the burn — hold under cool running water; immerse in cool water; cool with cold compresses
  • Cover the burn with sterile gauze bandages — do not use cotton balls; wrap the bandage loosely to avoid infection
  • Take an over-the-counter (OTC) pain reliever
  • Most minor burns will heal on their own; however, you must watch for signs of infection
  • Do not use ice, butter, ointments
  • Do not break blisters that form on the burn

What should be done to treat a major burn?

  • Call 911 or other medical assistance professionals immediately
  • Do not remove burnt clothing that is stuck to the area
  • Do not immerse in cool water
  • Check for signs of circulation; begin CPR if necessary
  • Elevate the burned area(s) if possible
  • Cover the burn with a cool, moist, sterile bandage if possible

What are the common causes of burns?

Scalding (steam, hot water, cooking, etc.)
Contact with flames or hot objects (stove, fireplace, curling irons, etc.)
Chemical burns (drain cleaner, bleach, fertilizers/weed killer, etc.)
Electrical burns (damaged electric cords, sticking objects into outlets, etc.)
Sun/cold over-exposure

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