Single-Car Accident in Lake Charles Knocks Out Traffic Signals

Every now and then, when the police respond to an accident scene, things are not as bad as they expect. When they arrive at a crash scene and see traffic and utility poles lying on the ground, they expect the worst. Thankfully, this wasn’t the case this weekend in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

The police responded to a crash scene at the intersection of Sallier Street and Ryan Street in the Lake Charles are. The crash happened around 7 pm on March 8, 2020. A single car was traveling in the North bound lanes on Ryan Street. The vehicle was on the East side of the road when they impact happened.

The driver of the vehicle, which has not yet been identified, lost control of their vehicle. They ended up hitting a light pole at the intersection. They also hit a pole on the median of the road. The crash was so significant that it dislodged the pole and signal head.

After hitting the first pole, the car proceeded to crash into a traffic signal box. The pole was lying on the ground when the police arrived at the scene.

Thankfully, there was only one car involved in the crash. And, the police confirmed that the driver and their passengers were all taken to the local hospital. There has been no update on their conditions.

The names and ages of the victims have not been released. The police may be waiting for an update on the passengers’ conditions and talk to the next of kin where applicable.

The police closed the intersection and redirected traffic away from the intersection of Sallier and Ryan Streets.

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