Several Motorists Injured in Fiery Crash on Interstate 10

Some accidents are so bad that it ends up shutting down both sides of a highway. When there are several cars involved, it can get pretty messy. This is even more true when one of the vehicles involved is a tanker truck. This is exactly what happened when a fiery crash on Interstate-10 occurred in Gramercy, Louisiana last night at about 4:45 p.m.

A car was traveling down the Westbound lanes of Interstate-10 at Belle Terre Boulevard when it collided with a tanker truck. The impact was so severe that the car ended up engulfed in flames. Thankfully, the driver of the car survived the crash and the fire. They were rushed to the local hospital with moderate injuries but is expected to survive.

There has been no specific condition given for the driver of the tanker truck. Nor have the authorities confirmed just how many cars were involved in the crash. However, they did say that several people were taken to the hospital with mild to moderate injuries.

The accident was so bad, both sides of the highway were closed for more than 5 hours. The rescue crews had to spend all of that time cleaning up the wreckage of the crash. Between the fiery crash and the other vehicles, it took quite some time to make the road safe for other motorists.

There have been no names released and none of the victims have made any comment so far. The good news is that the police have confirmed that nobody suffered any fatal injuries and everyone is expected to survive.

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