Plane Crash in Jackson Parish Still Under Investigation

Lately, we seem to hear about more and more private plane crashes. Last week, we lost an NBA legend to just such a tragedy. However, these kinds of things happen to everyday people as well. Company executives often charter small planes for travel. This was the case this week in Jackson Parish. Sadly, as with Kobe Bryant, this plane trip would also end in tragedy.

On Friday, February 7, 2020, two men from Rehabilitation Services of Northwest Louisiana had chartered a small Cessina plane. They were traveling from Jackson, Mississippi to Shreveport, Louisiana. The men were Chris Mudd and Wade Williams. They were both executives of the rehab company.

While the plane was traveling to Shreveport, something apparently went wrong. People said they saw the plane slowly descending. The pilot must’ve tried to make an emergency landing. However, he landed in a very small area between a building and some trees near Chatham, Louisiana.

The plane was unable to make a clean landing and crashed into the woods. The 4-passenger Cessina ended up in pieces along this small strip of land. People nearby said they heard loud screeching noises and then it went quiet.

Both men on-board died on impact. So did the pilot, Robert Gilliam. The plane was owned by Matthew St. Amant of Shreveport. There had not been any prior issues with the plane.

When asked, the National Traffic Safety Administration said there is no cause for the crash just yet. They also said it will take at least a year to provide any answers. It can even take up to two years.

Meanwhile, the families of the victims have to wait. For those who perished, their families may have a potential wrongful death claim.

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