Motorist Struck and Killed in Indianapolis While Trying to Fix Tire

When you’re driving down the road, you have to keep an eye out for disabled motorists. When someone is having tire or engine trouble, they pull off to the side of the road. They should be able to feel safe while getting out of their car. If you’re driving too fast, there’s a good chance you could hurt a stranded motorist. They’re utterly defenseless and at the mercy of other drivers. Sadly, when people aren’t careful, innocent people get hurt. This is what happened to a motorist who was struck and killed in Indianapolis this past week.

A man was driving his car toward the ramp on Interstate-95 at about 6:45 p.m. He realized there was something wrong with his tire so he pulled over to the side. There were two other people in the car at the time.

When 59-year old Michael Moore got out of his car to inspect the tire, a passing motorist struck him. Moore was transported to the local hospital by ambulance. Sadly, his injuries were too severe and he died.  The two people in his car explained what happened to local police. The person who hit the victim took off, not even checking to see if he was okay.

The crash took place on the South side of Indianapolis. There was no description given of the car that struck Moore. However, the police believe the car will have a broken headlight and damage to the right front passenger side. They’re hoping the hit and run driver will turn themselves in. Or, they’re hoping someone who has information on the suspect will call the police and tell them what they know.

If your loved one is the victim of a hit and run driver, call our office immediately.


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