Man Dies in Black Bayou Boating Accident

As the weather outside gets nicer, more people are spending time on the water. People go fishing and out for a ride on the lake. Even experienced boaters can find themselves in trouble. This certainly appeared to be the case for two men in Louisiana this past week.

Police were called to the scene of a freak boating accident on Black Bayour in Louisiana. Two men had gone out on their fishing boat when they encountered a big wake. The kill switch on the boat somehow managed to detach. When this happened, the boat made a really sharp turn and both men were thrown from the boat.

One of the men was wearing his personal rotation device. He was eventually rescued by a Good Samaritan. The other man, however, was not wearing any life preserver when he was tossed from the boat.

48-year old Earl Clack was ejected from the boat. The police had to wait to recover his body on Tuesday. They found his body but he had sadly not survived his injuries. The name of the second man was not provided.

The report did not state whether they were on a private boat or if they had rented it. They know that the boat took off and left the two men to fend for themselves in Black Bayou.

There has been no statement made by the victim’s family. There have also been no details released about the medical condition about the second man in the boat. The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries has not released any further details about the boating accident.

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