Driver in Speeding Pickup Truck Perishes in Caddo Parish

Sometimes, when there’s an accident, all the police have to go on are witness statements. When the crash only involves one car, and the driver perishes in the crash, there really is no other way to determine what happened. This was the case in Caddo Parish this past week for a speeding pickup truck.

Witnesses say a man driving a black pickup truck was speeding down the Southbound lanes of Interstate-49 at about 1:30 pm. The next thing they knew, he was taking the exit to Louisiana Road 168. He was going way too fast to take an exit, according to an eye witness.

Another motorist said they saw a man driving a truck matching the same description given by earlier witnesses down the eastbound lanes of 168. He crossed into the westbound lanes before a sharp curve. Witnesses again said the truck driver was speeding and seemed to be going faster down the road.

The pickup truck lost control and ran off the road, hitting a tree. He died instantly and was pronounced dead at the scene. Thankfully, nobody else was injured in this crash. The name and identity of the victim has not been released by the authorities. Neither have the name of the witnesses.

The accident is still under investigation. The police aren’t sure what caused the victim to drive so fast and run off the road. There could be a chance that alcohol or drugs played a role. The police have not confirmed this as of yet. Nor have they given any explanation for why this accident happened.

This story goes to show that, sometimes, the only way the police can piece together what happened is by relying on witness statements.

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