Could Casino Be Responsible for Latest Norovirus Outbreak in Lake Charles?

Usually, when we hear about large outbreaks of the Norovirus, it’s after people contracted the virus on a cruise ship. It’s not often that we hear about an outbreak at a casino. However, this kind of thing can happen anywhere people are congregated in a confined space.

The norovirus is highly contagious. Sadly, by the time people realize they’re sick, they’ve usually already infected everyone they come into contact with. This seems to be the case in Lake Charles, Louisiana this week.

The State Health Office is investigating an outbreak of the virus at a Lake Charles casino. The L’Auberge Casino had several events this past weekend. Not long after the events, people who attended the event were complaining that they felt ill. The investigation has revealed that these people did, in fact, have the norovirus.

The fear is that this is going to spread much farther than Lake Charles. There are already more than 200 self-reported cases. As these 200 people come into contact with other people, the virus is sure to spread.

The experts believe that the virus initiated at the L’Auberge Casino. For all we know, it was employees of the casino who started this latest outbreak. The problem is, the casino is not responding to questions. If they are responsible for the outbreak, they could be liable for damages. The last thing they want is to be hit with lawsuits from people who got sick at their casino.

If anyone can confirm that they got sick at the casino, they may be able to file a personal injury lawsuit. If you think that you or any of your loved ones were sick because of this outbreak, contact our personal injury lawyers right away.


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