Car Chase Involving Stolen Car Leaves 1 Dead and 2 Injured in New Orleans

All too often, when we hear that someone is fleeing the police in a stolen car, tragedy strikes. It’s never a good idea to run from the cops. Given the speed involved, these highway chases almost always end in devastation for either the officers or the passengers in the stolen vehicle. This was certainly the case in New Orleans this past weekend.

A car driving through New Orleans was in front of a police officer when the officer’s license plate reader went off. It showed that car in front of the police car had been reported stolen. The officer tried to chase down the vehicle, but it was going too fast. The officer involved in the chase actually said he saw a cloud of smoke they were going so fast.

Up ahead on the same road, the stolen vehicle somehow crossed the median on the highway. The car crashed, leaving the driver and their passengers injured. The driver of the vehicle was actually killed in the crash. The other passengers suffered injuries and were taken to the local hospital.

The names of the victims and suspect were not released. Nor was the make and model of the car. The investigation is still ongoing. At this point, the authorities have confirmed that the car was stolen and was fleeing police at the time of the accident.

No other cars were involved in the crash. Thankfully, the only injuries suffered were by those inside the stolen vehicle. The officers didn’t pursue their chase due to the high speed and didn’t catch up to the vehicle until after it had crashed.

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