Benton Police Seek Public’s Help in Hit and Run Accident

The police in Benton, Louisiana responded to an accident that happened last week. On July 23 at about 9 pm, witnesses reported a hit and run accident on Interstate-30. Now, a week later, the police are asking for the public’s help in identifying and catching the suspect.

28-year old Dustin Thompson was just leaving the Dollar Tree on Military Road last Thursday shortly before 9 pm. After leaving the parking lot, he was struck by a 1998-2003 GMC Sierra pickup truck. The police did not have a more detailed description of the vehicle. However, they did confirm that the truck would have sustained damage to its grill, headlight and right front quarter-panel.

The suspect’s vehicle was being followed by a tractor trailer at the time of the accident. It was all caught on a local surveillance video. They are hoping someone will be able to make out the logo on the side of the 18-wheeler. There’s a chance that the driver of the semi may know who the suspect is.

Sadly, the victim from Alexandria was killed in the hit and run accident. There has been no statement released from his family yet. In order for them pursue any sort of legal claim, they need to find out who was responsible for the accident.

When someone is killed in a hit and run accident, it can be really difficult to find out who did it. At least in this case, the Benton Police Department has a description of the car. They’ll also be able to check with local mechanics to find out if they fixed a car that had this sort of damage.

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