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If you are looking for a personal injury law firm in Lake Arthur, Louisiana, then look no further than the Veron, Bice, Palermo & Wilson LLC firm. Our firm’s main focus is to ensure every single client gets the compensation they deserve. To learn more about how you can maximize your settlement or reward you will receive for your injuries, you need to call a Lake Arthur personal injury lawyer at one of the best injury firms nationwide. We have helped thousands of clients receive an average of 3x more than what they would have gotten without the assistance of our attorneys. This could make a significant impact on the life of an injured victim. Think about all the medical bills, the loss of income, and all the other problems an injury could cost you – are you prepared to handle these costs on your own? Don’t jeopardize your future and call us today. We will make things better for you and your family.

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How Much Will It Cost To Get A Louisiana Personal Injury Attorney?

Our particular firm, Veron, Bice, Palermo, and Wilson, LLC, is extremely understanding of victims and are completely sympathetic to how much of a difficult time this is for you. We understand that you may not be in the best financial position to hire a Lake Arthur personal injury lawyer. With that said, not being able to afford a good lawyer, should not prevent you from getting one. As a result, we do not charge any immediate or upfront legal fees. We charge on a contingency basis so that you are able to afford one of the best personal injury firms in Louisiana. This basically means that you only have to pay us once you have received compensation for your claim.

Basically, you were just going about your life until you become the victim of a sudden and unexpected accident. As a result, you became injured and your finances immediately became compromised. We understand this completely and all of our lawyers and staff are very compassionate when it comes to your situation. As a result, we don’t want you to worry about being able to afford legal fees since you should be mainly focused on getting better and recovering. For these reasons, we have made it our policy to never charge our clients any upfront fees.

All of the lawyers on your team have a great deal of experience and each one can ensure that you get the most compensation for your case. Once you hire experienced Lake Arthur personal injury lawyer, you will be much more likely to get a greater amount of compensation than if you tried to file the claim by yourself. Remember, we are always available to help you and will give you the best legal advice and representation possible whether you opt to pay after being compensated or if you decide that you want to pay upfront. Our only priority and aim is to make sure that each one of our clients gets justice.

What Kind Of Compensation Can I Expect From My Lake Arthur Personal Injury Case?

There is only one way to determine an estimate of your compensation and that is by going through all of the facts of your particular case. When you call our Veron, Bice, Palermo, and Wilson, LLC law firm, we will look at all of the facts, determine exactly who is at fault and then based on this will be able to give an approximate compensation amount. So, if you decide to retain us, we will contact all of the relevant parties as well as their insurers and give a formal request for them to pay the full compensation that we’ve determined that you deserve and should be given.

Some of the factors that we will consider to determine your compensation include:

  • Medical expenses you’ve had to pay because of the injuries you’ve sustained
  • How bad your injuries are
  • All of the facts that surround your accident
  • The income you’ve lost due to being injured and during recovery
  • Possible health issues that might occur in the future
  • Possible future medical bills
  • Income that you will likely lose in the future because of the injuries

In most of the cases that we’ve handled, we have been able to get settlements within the favor of our clients without having to go to court. However, with that said, if getting a good settlement outside of the courtroom is not possible, then we will take your case to trial. At that point, the compensation that you’ll receive will be dependent on what the judge and jury decide.

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What Happens If I Am Partly To Blame For My Personal Injury?

In Louisiana, if you were partly responsible for becoming injured, then you can still file the case and this is under the comparative negligence principle. Most personal injury cases are unique and are quite different from one another due to unique circumstances. Therefore, it is best that you call an experienced Lake Arthur personal injury lawyer who will be able to look at all the details around your case and determine the compensation amount. Once we have completed the evaluation, we will let you know the best set of actions that should be done in order to get your rightful compensation and justice.

Are There Any Limits On How Much Time Can Pass Before I File A Claim?

In Louisiana, the statue of limitations is in effect for personal injury claims. This state’s law indicates that you have to file your claim within 3 years after the accident. Be sure to talk to one of our lawyers who will let you know the exact details on the statute of limitations and how it will be applied to your particular case. Also, we will make sure that your case is filed before the statute of limitations is up. We will always make sure that you’re completely safeguarded so you can get the compensation you deserve.

Will I Be Able To Personally Talk To The Negligent Person/Party’s Insurance Adjuster?

The short answer to this is no. The insurance adjuster for the negligent party has only one goal and that is to provide the minimum amount of compensation possible. As a result, you should not communicate with them or even be fooled by how friendly they can be. Remember, these insurance adjusters will do just about anything in order to secure the interest of their insurance company.

How Much Time Will Elapse Before I Get Compensation?

There are many factors at play that determine this, whether the case is settled or taken to court. How long it takes is determined by the type of lawsuit and the specifics of your case. To give an example, if you were involved in a car accident, these factors would determine how long your case will take:

  • The specific injuries that you sustained
  • The specifics of the accident
  • How severe the injuries are

With that said, if you were in a minor car accident and your injuries were minor then your case will probably be settled a lot easier and faster than a more complicated car accident with many cars and severe personal injuries.

What Affects How Long Personal Injury Cases Take?

There are many different factors that will determine the length of your case and how long it will take for settlement. Some of these include:

How Much Compensation You Want

The speed of your claim being settled is greatly determined by the compensation that you are willing to accept and settle for. In the event that you are fine with accepting a low compensation, then the case will be resolved quickly. You need to keep in mind that insurance companies are businesses and the first offer will be quite low and they will be seeking to protect their own interests. However, if you are fine with that amount, then the case can be settled quite quickly.

However, it is best that you don’t accept their first offer since they usually make these offers without looking at all the details of the case and the personal injuries incurred. However, you should keep in mind that the compensation amount that the insurance company will offer you will be quite lower than if you had a legal team like our Veron, Bice, Palermo, and Wilson, LLC firm. If you want to get the maximum compensation possible, then don’t accept the insurance company’s first offer and be sure to talk to one of our lawyers so that you can get the highest compensation.

Your Medical Bills Due To Injuries

Next, you will have to give the insurance company a copy of the medical bills that you had to pay due to your personal injuries. You will also need to give copies of all medical documents with regards to your injuries. The insurance company will look for health issues that you may have that are not due to the injuries you got due to the accident. By doing this, they will attempt to discredit your claim especially if you have a high settlement amount. This insurance company will take a deep look at your medical records so that you don’t attempt to get any compensation for damages that were not due to their client’s negligence and the accident. They will also be keen to determine any possible future issues or health conditions that may occur because of the accident. In order to get all of these medical documents, it will take a bit of time and will determine how long it takes for settlement to occur.

Another thing to keep in mind is that depending on the negligent party’s insurance company, they might require that you receive full medical treatment before you can get your claim. Depending on your particular injuries, it may take you many months to years for you to become fully recovered. Also, once you are completely recovered, it will likely take the insurance company at least a month to process the claim. Then, a couple more weeks will pass where the insurance company and your Lake Arthur personal injury lawyer will have to negotiate on an acceptable compensation. This entire process from recovery to receiving compensation can take many months. Also, the actual negotiation can take even more time. It can take as much as two years or even more before you can get the compensation that you’re rightfully entitled to.

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More Factors That Will Determine The Time It Takes To Get Compensation

As mentioned previously, it can possibly take many years before you get an acceptable monetary compensation or settlement. Also, the exact details will also determine how long it will take. So, it is best that you hire an experienced team of personal injury attorneys who will make sure you get a good compensation. We will make sure you understand everything and walk you through the case, step by step. In the event that a settlement cannot be agreed upon, we will take your case to court. However, the majority of insurance companies are not interested in taking cases to trial simply due to the high cost of trials. As a result, they will prefer to settle outside of the courtroom. However, depending on your particular case, it may be best to start a lawsuit against the company so that the judge and jury can determine the best course of action and compensation.

There are many factors that determine how long it takes for settlement. Therefore, estimating this time isn’t an easy or straightforward process. In the end, it is best to simply allow the claim to run its own course. You should strive to be as patient a possible since this will help you to get a more favorable compensation as well as give you more time for recovery so you can determine how bad your injuries truly are and how much medical treatment you will need in the future. We at Veron, Bice, Palermo, and Wilson, LLC lawyers are completely dedicated to our clients and will take you through your claim, every step of the way. We will not rush any decisions or accept a settlement that is below what you deserve. Also, we will make sure that proper procedures are implemented and that all deadlines are met. We will also work on your case while keeping the statute of limitations in mind so that your particular claim doesn’t go void.

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