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Accidents happen all the time and suffering a personal injury could happen at any point along your daily route. You could have a car accident on the road, trip and fall in your favorite restaurant or be severely nipped by an out of control dog who escaped their human companion. But, no matter the case, you are not expected to suffer in silence, we are here to make sure those responsible foot the bills for your full recovery.

In any of the accidents, you may face there will be sometimes needed to get things back in order and you will invariably have a lot on your mind and hands. You may not be able to continue work as normal, but still, need to provide for those who depend on you. We understand this situation better than most and are here to handle the legal affairs while you focus on healing and getting your life back on track.

You may know who was responsible for your injuries and suffering, but it takes a real expert to dispassionately assemble a proper case against them and submit it to the legal process. This is where your experienced Jennings personal injury lawyer will step in and apply their skills to filing a case. We have filed cases against all types of negligent parties including:

  • Government institutions or cities
  • Manufacturers
  • Individuals
  • Insurance companies
  • Defective products
  • Businesses

You will need to properly identify each of the parties responsible and properly name them in your original lawsuit, but each of these defendants will need to be handled in their own way. Furthermore, you can bet they all have highly qualified lawyers working to protect their interests so you would do well to have an expert at your side too.

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How Much is My Personal Injury Case Worth?

It is hard to give a general answer to this question because every case is so different. But, you can call for a free consultation where we will look over the details of your case and tell you exactly how much settlement you are entitled to, this is the figure we will recover from the responsible party. Here are some of the pertinent factors we will consider:

  • how the accident happened
  • potential future medical costs and lost income
  • potential future resulting medical problems
  • lost income
  • injuries suffered
  • medical expenses

In most of the cases we have handled, we reached a settlement with the insurance companies out of court. Nevertheless, we always come fully prepared to argue the value of your claim in the courtroom before a judge and jury.

Does it Cost A lot to Hire an Jennings Personal Injury Attorney?

At Veron, Bice, Palermo & Wilson, LLC, we fully understand that more financial pressure is the last thing you need if you were recently injured in an accident. For this reason, we work from a plan that takes this into consideration. Our professional personal injury lawyers will not charge you a thing to look over your case, apply our skills and resources and handle the negotiations with the opposition. Only after the case is won and you have received your compensation will we take a percentage as our fees.

Our experience with the victims of accidents shows that the aftermath of an accident is especially difficult and there are many different worries and concerns in the minds of the victims. There will be a need for medical attention and the potential of lost wages as well. With this in mind, we looked for a way we can provide support to our clients without having to charge the price of a top-notch Jennings personal injury lawyer.

Besides, we are here to get you the compensation you need and in many cases, this figure is much higher than what you can expect the insurance company to offer upfront. Our services don’t just cater to the very wealthy or financially stable, because accidents can happen to anyone and we don’t want financial factors to stand between you and your right to compensation. In our hearts, we believe this is the right thing to do.

This image shows a man that has been injured by a slip and fall accident in Jennings, LA
If you have been injured in Jennings, LA then you need to contact a Jennings personal injury lawyer at Veron, Bice, Palermo & Wilson LLC.

How Long Do I Have to File a Personal Injury Claim?

The state of Louisiana has a statute of limitations in which your case must be filed, this is like a deadline for taking action. In many cases, the statute of limitations is set for two to three years from the date of the accident, but it can vary depending on some factors. For more information, you will need to have a specialist in personal injury take a look at your case and provide you with the best advice on how and when to proceed.

Can I Still File a Personal Injury Lawsuit in Jennings if I’m found Partially at Fault?

There is a chance you can still recover compensation, even if you are partially to blame for the incident. This is because Jennings, Louisiana operates under the comparative negligence principles. Because these cases can be very specific and detailed, it is a good idea to have a Jennings personal injury lawyer who can help you evaluate the details of your case.

Should I Speak with the Insurance Adjuster Directly?

It is important to remember that insurance companies are for-profit organizations and looking to minimize the amounts of payouts they must make for your medical costs and other coverage. Insurance adjuster rise in the ranks and receive much acclaim in the insurance industry for successfully avoiding making payments –– and playing fair is not a huge concern.

How Long Does It Take For a Jennings Personal Injury Case to Settle?

The time frame for bringing a personal injury case to its final conclusion can vary. There are many factors and details unique to each case that will affect the time frame for properly processing the case. For example, if you are involved in an auto accident, things like the type of accident, the extent of your injuries and even the type of injuries suffered will affect the length of time the case will run. Here are some other important factors that will affect the time a personal injury case may take to be completed:


The length of time you that your case will be completed can also be affected by the type of settlement you are prepared to accept. Your insurance provider will typically offer you a few “low ball” offers within a matter of weeks from the accident. If you are prepared to accept the first price they offer, the whole shebang will be completed quite shortly. The only problem with this is that it doesn’t usually take into account the full range of possible implications from your injuries. For this reason, the first thing the insurance company offers is not always the best option.

Medical Treatment

Before they will provide a worthy settlement, the insurance providers will request a record of all your medical records from before and after the accident, they are especially interested in the record that do not pertain to the accident. The reason for this is to establish if any of the supposed injuries might not have been caused by some other injury not related to the accident and therefore not covered by the party responsible for the accident.

They will also want to determine what extent these injuries have gotten and if there are any other residual problems that will result from the injuries that will require treatment and medical attention in the future. Collecting all the proper records and conducting a full examination of each vital details usually takes some time to complete. Health care providers may take some time to provide the necessary documents as well.

In order to fully assess the claim, the insurance company may also require that the injured party reach Maximum Medical Improvement first. This can take a considerable amount of time depending on the state and extent of your injuries. Even after this point, the insurance company may take about a month or two to evaluate the claim.

Then it can take a couple more weeks after they have finalized their assessment of the claims for the negotiations to happen, settlement papers to be properly drawn up and final checks to be signed and delivered. With this in mind, there is a chance that your settlement and case conclusion can be brought about within a matter of months. But a more realistic prediction would be that a case can draw out a full year and sometimes longer.

Other Factors

Personal injury cases can take years to arrive at a suitable conclusion, but this also depends on the specifics of the case. Some cases may reach a desirable agreement very early, but don’t count on this being the case all the time. Getting the best settlement often means hiring a qualified attorney to take care of the legal aspects and negotiations.

Many cases we encounter are only resolved after a considerably long negotiation period, and the other will be taken to trial because negotiations produced no settlement both sides were happy with. It is often undesirable for the case to be brought to court because court trials are especially expensive and have very uncertain outcomes. Sometimes, however, a court trial will be the only way to get the settlement you are looking for.

In the end, there is no way to tell how long the process will take to run its course. But, if you have the patience and resources to go slow and allow the claims process to mature naturally, you can expect a more favorable settlement. Having a good attorney by your side in this process can help you make the best decisions and even expedite the process by lending their expertise to the case.

This image shows a man that was struck by a vehicle in Jennings, LA

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