Will Your Insurance Cover Injuries if Someone Else Crashes Your Car?

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There are all sorts of reasons why you might lend your car to someone. One of your kids may need it to go to work. Your neighbor may ask to use it while their car’s in the shop. We don’t think twice about it. As long as they promise to put gas in the car, we don’t mind. What we don’t think about is what we’ll do if someone else crashes your car. Your Lake Charles car accident lawyer sees this happen all the time. It doesn’t matter who’s driving your car. Accidents happen.

When someone borrows your car and gets into an accident, you may worry that your insurance won’t cover the damage. This is a common misconception. Your auto insurance actually follows the car – not the driver.

This means if someone else crashes your car, your insurance will cover the claim. This could be good news or bad news – it depends on how you look at it. Your Lake Charles car accident attorney can help you deal with the insurance company.

Your Insurance Cover the Vehicle – Not You!

If someone else crashes your car, your insurance should cover the damages. The general rule is that insurance follows the car, not the driver. This means that it doesn’t matter if the person driving your car has insurance or not. As long as you have insurance on the car, you should be fine.

When you think about it, if someone borrows your car, they probably don’t have a vehicle of their own. This means they won’t have insurance. Why would someone pay for car insurance if they don’t have a car?

Most people do follow the rules. If someone drives, they usually carry auto insurance. While Louisiana car accident lawyers do handle cases where the other driver isn’t insured, this doesn’t actually happen all that often.

So, the good news is, any injuries caused by someone driving your car will be covered by your insurance. The bad news is, this means your rates will go up.

What if the Driver Has Their Own Insurance?

Odds are, the person driving your car does have auto insurance. You may wonder why they can’t just file a claim against their own policy. That would be cheaper for you. However, it doesn’t really work that way.

When you get auto insurance, it’s based on two things: the car you drive and your driving record. If you don’t have a history of accidents or tickets, your insurance should be low. And, the more your car is worth, the more you’ll pay.

An insurance company writes a policy based on these things. So, if someone borrows your Mercedes and crashes it, they may cause $20,000 in damage. However, they drive a ten-year old Honda. They car may be worth about $3,000. The insurance company isn’t going to cover a claim that large when the driver only paid for coverage on a $3,000 car.

However, there are situations when the other driver’s insurance will kick in.

When Will the Driver’s Insurance Kick In?

There is one main situation in which the driver’s insurance will have to pay for some of the damages. If your policy limits are exceeded, then the other policy will have to cover the rest.

For example, let’s say your policy limit is $50,000. The person borrows your car and causes over $100,000 in damages. This included property damage and medical bills. Once your policy limit is reached, there is still another $50,000 that has to be paid.

The person driving your car’s insurance will have to kick in. Their policy will have to be used to cover the rest of the damages. Your car accident lawyer in Lake Charles can help deal with the insurance companies to make sure this happens.

Contact an Experienced Car Accident Lawyer in Lake Charles, Louisiana

If you let someone borrow your car and they get into a car accident. Any damage caused in the crash has to be covered by someone. It’s your auto insurance policy that will be used to pay for any injuries or property damage.

Call an experienced car accident lawyer in Lake Charles today to discuss your options. They’ve dealt with situations like yours before. They’ll let you know what your options are.

Call today and schedule your initial consultation. You can sit down with a skilled injury attorney at Veron, Bice, Palermo & Wilson, LLC who can answer any of your questions.

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