Who Do You Pursue if You’re Injured in a Boating Accident in Lake Charles?

Boat Accident in Lake Charles

Even though the country has been going through a unique time, people are still trying to enjoy life as much as possible. It’s getting warmer out and, let’s face it – Louisiana is right on the water. People love to take their boats out on the weekend and enjoy some time on the water. Or, they rent a boat and go fishing with their friends. Once people are able to travel again, they’re bound to head to Louisiana since it’s one of the travel destination capitals in the United States. When they do this, they go on party boats or pay for afternoon excursions. And, just like people can get into accidents while in their car, the same thing can happen on a boat. Thankfully, a boat accident in Lake Charles is no more common than anywhere else.

However, a lot more people go out on the water in Louisiana than most other states. The other good thing about boat accidents is that, typically, they don’t involve as many people. Boats are pretty big. There’s a good chance that, if you’re on a boat that hits something, you may be fine. But there’s always the possibility that you could get hurt. When that happens, you need to call an experienced boat accident attorney in Lake Charles. There’s no way to really know right away how serious your injuries are. And, if the boat isn’t yours, you may not know who you need to pursue for damages. This is when your attorney can help.

Who Owned the Boat that You Were on at the Time of the Accident?

Deciding who you need to pursue for damages will depend on one thing – who owned the boat you were riding on? If the boat is yours, and the other operator caused the crash, you’ll treat it like any other accident. You’ll file a claim against their insurance company. If they refuse to pay the claim, or if it doesn’t cover your total damages, you’ll file a lawsuit against the operator and boat owner. If you were on a party boat, then you’ll have to take a different route.

If you are a passenger on a party boat, then you are a true victim. If you don’t own the boat, and you didn’t operate the boat, then you are entitled to damages. And, as cold as it may seem, it shouldn’t matter to you who pays your damages. As long as your medical bills and other out of pocket expenses are covered, it doesn’t matter.

You May Have to Sue More than One Party

If you didn’t own the boat involved in the crash, odds are, you’ll have to sue more than one party. You will have to sue the person who was operating the boat. If it was a commercial boat, then sue the company. Or, you may need to sue the management company. If the boat was owned by a friend or family member, you’ll have no choice but to sue them and their insurance company. As long as your damages are covered, that’s all that matters.

Contact a Local Boat Accident Attorney in Lake Charles, Louisiana

If you or your loved one get hurt in a boat accident, you may be entitled to damages. The only way to know for sure is to speak with an experienced personal injury law firm in Lake Charles. They can review your case and answer any questions you may have. They can also let you know who you need to pursue for damages. You may need to sue more than one part in order to get the compensation you deserve. A skilled boat accident attorney in Louisiana can help figure this out.

It’s really important that you name all the potential defendants upfront. If you wait too long, or miss the statute of limitations, your case will be dismissed. And, when it comes to a boating accident, your damages may be quite high. If the boat was yours, you may have suffered thousands of dollars in damage to the boat. If you or any of your passengers were hurt, then the other boat operator needs to be held accountable. The best way to make sure this happens is to hire an experienced personal injury attorney in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

Call today and schedule your initial consultation. It won’t cost you a thing because the first meeting is free. The defendants will have a team of lawyers working for them and you should too.

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