Does the Police Report Really Help Your Lake Charles Car Accident Lawyer Prove Your Case?

How a Police Report Helps Your Lake Charles Car Crash Attorney

Thankfully, most car accidents don’t end up on the evening news. They’re minor and, for the most part, the people involved walk away with minor bumps and bruises. Maybe the biggest bruise will be to their ago. But in other cases, as a Lake Charles car crash attorney can attest, people are not so lucky.

There are serious car accidents that happen in Lake Charles every day. People suffer serious injuries – they even die. Calling the police can make the difference between your accident claim being paid and your claim being denied.

This is why it’s critical that you call the police immediately after your car accident. They’ll come out to the scene complete a thorough investigation. They’ll also check to see if anyone was injured in the crash. If so, they’ll arrange for the victims to be taken to the hospital via ambulance.

In addition to doing this, the cops are going to prepare a police report. This report will contain valuable information that your car accident lawyer won’t be able to get any other way. And, this is the information you need in order to prove your case. Without it, you may get nothing. You don’t want to make your lawyer’s job any harder than it already is. Make sure you call the police right away so your lawyer can use the police report to prove your case.

What Information is Contained in the Police Report?

There is information in the police report that your Lake Charles car accident attorney won’t be able to get any other way. Some of this includes:

  • All the contact information for the other driver
  • Registration and insurance information
  • A statement regarding road conditions
  • Tickets and other citations issued
  • Photos or videos
  • The damage done to the cars involved in the crash
  • Address and phone number for witnesses

The odds of your lawyer being able to access all of this information without a police report is slim to none. Make sure you stick around so the cops can do their jobs.

Another thing the cops will do that your lawyer can’t do is check to see if the other driver was under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of the crash. They can also ensure that the insurance and license information they provide is accurate. For all you know, the other driver could give you an insurance card that doesn’t even belong to them. They could also have a fake id.

Can You Win Your Case Without a Police Report in Lake Charles?

It wouldn’t be fair to say that you can’t win your court case without a police report. However, it is true that you’ll have a much harder time proving your case without this information. Juries and the courts trust police reports. So do insurance adjusters. They take the information contained in a police report as credible. That’s a lot different than the way they treat information submitted by your attorney or other witnesses.

There’s also a good chance that your Lake Charles car accident lawyer won’t be able to get their hands on the same information the police have. Witnesses don’t like to talk to lawyers. Also, once the accident scene is cleared, your lawyer won’t have access to any of this information. That’s why it’s crucial that you have the police report. It contains valuable information that you may never be able to get. And, even if your lawyer can get it, it will be very expensive and time consuming.

Contact an Experienced Lake Charles Car Crash Attorney Right Away

If you’re injured in a car accident, you need to contact an experienced Lake Charles car crash attorney right away. If the insurance company denies your claim, you’re going to have to file a car accident lawsuit. This means your Lake Charles car accident lawyer will have to prove the other driver was at fault.

To do this, your lawyer will need as much evidence as possible. The best source of evidence is the police report. If you don’t call the cops after your crash, you won’t have a police report. There is information in that report that your car accident lawyer in Lake Charles won’t be able to get on their own. And, even if they can, it’ll be time consuming and expensive.

Don’t make your lawyer’s job any harder than it already is. Call the police immediately after your car accident in Louisiana. This way, they can do their investigation and prepare the police report you’ll desperately need to get the compensation you deserve.

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