What is Your Lake Charles Car Accident Claim Really Worth?

lake charles car accident claim

People who watch a lot of television think they understand how a car accident case really works. They think you can flash a neck brace and end up a millionaire. What they don’t realize is that it rarely, if ever, works this way. Most people are lucky to recover enough money to cover their medical bills. Very few people get rich off a car accident lawsuit. That isn’t the point of filing a Lake Charles car accident claim.

The point of filing a claim is to be made whole. It’s their job to make you whole. If you only suffered $10,000 in damages, you can only file a claim for $10,000. Now, where you may see some additional money is when it comes to pain and suffering. For some plaintiffs, these damages make up the lion’s share of their award. The general rule is that pain and suffering damages are equal to about three (3) times your medical bills. So that should give you an idea of what your case is really worth.

One thing to watch is an attorney who tells you they can guarantee you a certain amount of money. It doesn’t work that way. Nobody can ever guarantee that you’ll get a certain amount. In fact, they can’t guarantee that you’ll get a dime. It depends on a few things, including:

  • How serious were your injuries?
  • Did you suffer property damage?
  • Were you able to return to work after the accident?
  • Are you left permanently disabled as a result of the crash?
  • How bad was your pain and suffering?

Until your Lake Charles car accident lawyer can answer these questions, they’ll have no idea of what your claim is worth.

You Can Only Sue for Damages You Suffered

As mentioned above, you can only recover for damages you’ve actually suffered. Some plaintiffs suffer whiplash and expect their attorney to get the $500,000. A whiplash claim is only worth, at most, about $5,000. You can’t expect to get much more than that. Now, if you suffered other injuries on top of whiplash, you may be entitled to more money. It all depends on your situation.

Let’s consider the following example:

Someone crashes into your car head-on. You suffer a broken neck and a traumatic brain injury. You’re told that you’ll never work again. You will be on disability the rest of your life. You also totaled your brand-new car in the wreck.

You can sue for the following damages:

  • How much your car was worth
  • What you would’ve earned throughout the rest of your career
  • How bad your pain and mental anguish really was
  • The money you spent to get back and forth to doctor’s appointments
  • Any copays or out of pocket doctor’s bills
  • Lost wages

Your Lake Charles car accident lawyer is going to work hard to get you as much as possible. This means you have to cooperate. Make sure you answer your lawyer’s questions. Get the medical treatment that your doctor recommends. Show up for all of your depositions and court dates. Do what your attorney says so you don’t jeopardize your claim.

Your Lake Charles Car Accident Attorney Must Prove Your Damages

No matter how badly you were hurt, your Lake Charles injury lawyer still needs to prove damages. They’ll do this by submitting proof of your injuries. They’ll also have to prove that the other driver was at fault. If you don’t go to the hospital after crash, you won’t have any record of your injuries. This is why your Lake Charles car accident attorney advises that you go to the hospital immediately after your crash.

The best way to prove the defendant was at fault is with the police report. This is why it’s crucial that you call the police as soon as possible after your crash. They’ll provide a police report that contains valuable information that your lawyer won’t be able to get any other way. Even if they can get it, it’ll be expensive and time consuming.

Contact an Experienced Car Accident Lawyer in Lake Charles Right Away

It can be hard to determine how much your car accident in Lake Charles is really worth. It depends on a lot of things. Car accident lawyers in Louisiana have spent years learning how to prove their clients’ damages. Call today and let them help you. This way, you know you have expertise on your side.

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