What Damages Can You Claim if You End Up on Disability After Your Louisiana Auto Accident?

What Damages Can I Claim For Disability After a Louisiana Auto Accident?

When Louisiana auto accident attorneys talk about the types of damages you can demand after a car accident, they usually mention permanent disability. In addition to things like medical bills and lost wages, you may have to demand compensation for disability.

If you’re in a really bad car accident, you’ll suffer some pretty serious injuries. You may be out of work for quite some time. In fact, if your injuries are bad enough, you may not be able to work ever again.

For some people, this may not be that big of a change. For example, if you didn’t work before the accident, it won’t matter so much that you can’t work after your accident. Or, if you’re already retired, you really can’t make a claim for lost income anyway.

But for most people, becoming disabled will have a huge impact on their finances. People on permanent disability don’t receive that much money. For most, the benefits they receive on disability could be less than half of what they made working full-time.

If this happens to you, it’s important that you hire an experienced car accident lawyer in Lake Charles. They’ll fight to make sure you get the compensation you deserve.

What Types of Damages Do Louisiana Auto Accident Lawyers Demand?

People get into car accidents all the time. If you’re lucky, your car accident will be minor. The only thing bruised is your ego. For others, however, the accident can leave them in bad shape.

You may need surgery or physical therapy after your crash. Or, you might suffer a traumatic brain injury that leaves you permanently disabled. For the most part, your Louisiana car accident lawyer will demand the following:

  • Medical bills – You have no idea what kind of medical bills you’re going to experience. When you think about the doctor copays and prescription costs, it can be staggering. This doesn’t include the fees for things like surgery and physical therapy. The defendant should be held responsible for these bills.
  • Lost Wages – If you miss a significant amount of time from work, you can demand lost wages. Your Lake Charles accident lawyer will submit copies of your timesheets and tax returns. This will show the court how much you’ve actually lost in wages, tips and commissions. The defendant may be liable for these losses.
  • Property Damage – Chances are, if you get into a wreck, your car is going to need some repairs. Your car may even be totaled. Either way, the insurance company should have to cover these expenses.
  • Pain and Suffering –Nobody can say just how much pain you are in. The best person to explain your pain and suffering is you. You can demand that you be compensated for all the mental and physical anguish you’ve suffered.
  • Permanent Disability – Hopefully, you’ll be able to return to work within a few weeks or months after your crash. But if you can’t, your attorney can help you file for disability.

How Will Your Lake Charles Accident Attorney Prove Your Disability Damages?

If you are declared disabled after your crash, you may be entitled to certain damages. Your attorney will show the court how much you earned prior to the accident. They’ll compare this to the amount you’re receiving on disability.

Once you determine the difference in earnings, your attorney will multiply this amount by the number of years you would have worked. For example, if you’re 30, your lawyer will subtract 30 from 65, the average retirement age. Then, they’ll multiple 35 times the difference in earnings.

You may not get as much as you’re hoping. There’s a good chance that your case is going to settle. This means you’ll probably get less than your full demand. Your attorney will make sure that the settlement is fair and covers your medical bills.

Contact a Skilled Accident Lawyer in Lake Charles, Louisiana

If you get seriously hurt in a car accident, you may end up on permanent disability. This means you’ll be earning a lot less than you’re used to. You’ll need to call an experienced Lake Charles, Louisiana auto accident lawyer. They’ll fight to make sure you get the compensation you’re entitled to.

Finding out you are going to be on disability can be scary. It’s a good idea to have a licensed attorney by your side. They can make sure your claim is handled the right way from the start.

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