Can I Appeal My Car Insurance Claim Denial?

Car Insurance Claim Was Denied

You did your due diligence. You were in an auto accident in Louisiana and you filed your reports and sent in your claims. This also included your claim for personal injury. When the letter comes in the mail from your insurance company you are shocked to see that they have denied your car insurance claim. Can an automobile accident attorney in Louisiana help you appeal to their initial decision?

Why Was Your Car Insurance Claim Denied?

You make sure that you pay your premium every month for your car insurance policy. You have never filed a claim before with them so you are unsure as to why they may have denied your auto accident claim.

You Reached Your Policy Limit

When you selected your insurance policy, you selected the type of coverage you wanted on your vehicle. A lot of times we neglect to read the fine print of our coverage selection.

If the reason for your claim denial falls into this category, chances are the claim you filed exceeds the amount of coverage you selected, and it will not cover your claim. The other common denial in this category is filing a claim for coverage that you do not have.

You Violated A State Law

If you were under the influence at the time of the accident, your insurer will automatically deny your claim. Any violations of state law allow them to deny auto insurance claims.

If you were driving with a suspended license or under a lapsed insurance policy, they are not going to cover your damages either.

They may also deny the claim if they feel like the accident was avoidable.

Other Possible Reasons for A Claim Denial

The first thing you need to do after an accident if you are able to do so is gathering evidence. Take pictures of the scene, the positions of the vehicles, and take statements of anyone who saw the accident. This is your evidence for your claim.

If an insurer feels like you put off calling the police and reporting the accident, they may deny your claim. That is why having an officer take statements and file a report at the time of the incident is extremely important.

Not seeking medical attention after an accident and waiting for a prolonged period of time is also suspicious behavior in the eyes of insurance companies. They may not believe that the claim you are making is in conjunction with the accident you are trying to claim damages for. This will more than likely be when you need to get an experienced Lake Charles auto accident attorney to make your case.

A big claim denial reason is when the insurance company is investigating your claim and they feel as if you misrepresented yourself on your initial quote. Their perception is that you falsified information to get a cheaper car insurance quote. They will deny your claim because of this.

Your insurance agent is a fraud and your insurance carrier are not licensed in the state of Louisiana. This can be a hard thing to process as someone who has paid their premiums. You will have to file a completely different lawsuit for this issue.

The Appeal Process

If you feel that your car insurance company is denying your insurance claim without just cause, you can start the appeal process against their decision.

The first step you have to do is understand exactly why they denied your insurance claim. Did they have a valid reason for believing that it should not be paid out?

Next review all of the evidence that you submitted with the original claim. Are you missing any evidence that might have caused them to deny it? Make sure that you keep everything together so that it is easily accessible and organized.

You can write a letter to the appeals department of your insurance carrier. Make sure that you reintroduce all the original evidence and any that you might have left out the first time. Make sure that all of the accident reports, medical reports, and statements from all parties is included when you send it to them.

Make sure that in your letter you are laying out the evidence that supports the adjuster’s findings.

Contact an Attorney if Your Car Insurance Claim Was Denied

If you don’t feel comfortable trying to take on your insurance claim denial bring it to a Louisiana automobile accident law firm.

The attorney can help you prepare your case against the insurance company, especially in automobile accidents like head-on collisions where injuries like whiplash and other back or brain injury occurred. Let someone else fight to get your claim approved and get you what you deserve.

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