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Because of what they've done for me, my life is a whole lot better and I can trust them with any issues that I have and know that they're going to get taken care of.

Tommy S.

[Rock] basically took over and made sure everything was taken care of, which allowed me to basically concentrate on healing.

Tom B.

To have someone looking out for you that you trust and you know, that's very comforting. I was never worried about that because Jay is a very good guy... I didn't really feel like he was my attorney. I felt like he was a close friend, even more like a brother.

Thomas S.

Mike Hodgkins was a godsend. Finally somebody was listening, somebody cared. He took care of everything so I could get better.

Beverly C.

I had a law firm helping me with a case against a large oil company. They informed me that if we were going to win, we needed the resources and experience of Veron Bice. These attorneys worked day and night to make sure that my family and I got the justice that we deserved.

Mitch R.

If I heard of someone that had a bad accident like mine, I would actually recommend that they come to Veron, Bice, Palermo & Wilson.

Ellen Tommy

I never felt that we were being strung along or that we were being simply listened to for money. They were concerned about our property. They found out what was wrong. They found a solution.

Jan Ellray

My attitude about the entire industry took a dramatic change after meeting the law firm of Veron, Bice, Palermo & Wilson.


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