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How a Trump administration affects Louisiana landowners

Levee board disregards Louisiana governor's opposition to Doody

Local headlines have been dominated by the ongoing story of the lawsuit filed by the Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority-East's board. As many know, the legal claim is directed at nearly 100 of the world's largest oil and pipeline companies for their role in inflicting injury on critical, sensitive wetlands. As we have covered on this blog, the suit has faced a number of challenges from officials in Louisiana.

Rickety railroad bridge blamed for massive vinyl chloride spill

Two weeks ago in New Jersey, a railroad bridge over Mantua Creek collapsed, sending four tanker cars plunging into the creek. Some 100,000 gallons of vinyl chloride spilled from the railcars and raised a thick toxic cloud. Vinyl chloride, a component of PVC plastic, is an explosive and a known human carcinogen. Sixty people were hospitalized for chemical exposure.

Oil industry group tries to block dispersant lawsuit against EPA

Earlier this year, the environmental law group Earthjustice filed a lawsuit to compel the Environmental Protection Agency to force the agency to issue a rule on chemical oil dispersants. The agency's current rules do not fulfill requirements set by the Clean Water Act and failed to ensure that ensure that dispersants were used safely during the 2010 Gulf oil disaster.

EPA lawsuit may set safer standards for oil refinery emissions

Louisiana is home to 17 oil refineries, the third-highest number in the United States. With two of the nation's ten heaviest polluting refineries, Louisiana faces more refinery emissions than any other state except Texas.

Federal researchers seek oil-spill workers to study health effects

Everyone in Louisiana remembers the oil spill that devastated Louisiana's beaches, wildlife and fishing industries last year. After an explosion on a BP oil well that sent endless gallons of crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico finally came to an end, questions started to arise about what kind of medical and health effects would oil exposure have on the people of Louisiana. Now, federal researchers from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences are looking for people who helped clean up the oil and see if their medical conditions are related to or caused by the oil.

Environmental laws give landowners moment to pause on natural gas drilling leases

Landowners in rural, upstate New York have been given moment to pause over natural gas drilling leases thanks to environmental law. Over the last few years, many landowners entered into natural gas drilling leases with energy companies, but a number of the landowners signed the leases before learning about the possible negative environmental impact of hydrofracking. Thanks to environmental regulations landowners are reexamining their original positions.

Some of nation's beaches suffer environmental land contamination and water contamination

The beaches in the United States are subjected to more environmental land contamination and water contamination than many beach-goers probably realize. A recent study shows that contamination is still a big problem at beaches in the United States. Beaches in the southeast and northeast regions of the country have the cleanest ratings. Louisiana, perhaps unsurprisingly, has the country's highest rate of beach contamination.

Recent bill reopens discussion of Yucca Mountain nuclear waste storage site

The tragic earthquake and tsunami in Japan has created a nuclear emergency at Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. While reactor containment units have not been breached yet, the thought of long-term radiation contamination is on the world's mind. Almost two weeks ago and about one week before the tragic earthquake in Japan occurred, lawmakers in the House of Representatives introduced a bill that would reopen the talk about nuclear waste storage in the United States. The implication given the tragedy in Japan is extremely long-term environmental land contamination.

Schools Built on Contaminated Sites is a Growing Trend

School districts across the country are building new schools on ground fraught with possible environmental land contamination. The trend is not limited to urban area school districts as the same trend is also occurring in rural areas. In many areas of the United States there are no longer areas that have not been touched by industrial or agricultural contamination.

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