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When it's unsafe to cross the street: 3 reasons for rise in pedestrian deaths

Crossing the street should not be a deadly affair. Unfortunately, the latest data from the Governor's Highway Safety Association shows that the simple act of getting across a street is more deadly now than it has been in years. Almost 6,000 pedestrians were fatally injured by car crashes in 2016. This is the highest number of pedestrian deaths reported in over twenty years and represents an 11 percent increase over the data from 2015.

Being a drowsy driver increases the risk of a car crash

Drivers in Louisiana know that there are certain dangers when out on the road. While encountering a driver who is operating his or her vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs is a common reason for a car crash, other behaviors and circumstances are also prone to place people in jeopardy of personal injury and death. One is driving while drowsy. New studies have indicated how dangerous it can be for drivers to get behind the wheel when they are tired and particularly for others on the road who might come across these drowsy drivers.

The holiday season often leads to increase of auto accidents

The holiday season is a season of family and friends, of parties and celebrations. And with these celebrations, it is not uncommon to raise a glass, or two, or more, with your friends, coworkers and cherished loved ones. But as the drinks flow, so does an increase in driving under the influence, which can lead to auto accidents.

Service member killed in Louisiana hit and run

When there is a car crash in Louisiana, it is made worse when it is a hit and run. People who are in an auto accident are obligated by law to stop, but they are also expected to stop because it is a decent thing to do to make certain the others in the accident are safe. With a hit and run accident, the investigation is imperative to accrue evidence to try and find out who was responsible and to seek compensation. The car accident victim who suffered an injury or the family left behind in a fatal crash need to make sure to protect themselves in the aftermath.

Texting and driving still a known danger for Louisiana teens

Aware of the dangers that being distracted behind the wheel creates, Louisiana is moving forward with a week dedicated to imploring teens to avoid texting and driving. While this is a tactic designed to shed light on the risks of an auto accident when not paying attention to the road, studies are still looking into exactly why a teen might choose to use a smartphone or take part in other activities that divert their attention. It has been found that in spite of the growing attention that people have directed toward distracted driving, teens are still significantly influenced by parents who might partake in the practice.

Data shows number of fatalities in a car crash is rising

Louisiana drivers are not likely to sift through car accident data before they head out on the road, but that does not mean the numbers are unimportant. Research is constantly being undertaken by various outlets to determine how and why these accidents happen in an effort to reduce them. Paying attention to this information can help both regulatory authorities and drivers avoid an auto accident or survive one if it happens.

Excess and inappropriate speed both contribute to car accidents

When local Louisiana drivers view another car that appears to be going too fast, they might think that the driver is going to cause an accident. Indeed, speed is a contributing factor to not only countless car accidents, but also to the severity of such accidents. In other words, it is all too common for the typical car crash to be either caused by speed or worsened by at least one driver going too fast.

Multi-car crash in Louisiana injures many and kills two

It is an unfortunate reality that accidents and tragedies often beget other accidents and tragedies in Louisiana and across the country. These incidents can occur for a wide variety of reasons including a car crash due to a reckless driver. Those who have been involved in a crash and suffered injuries or have lost a loved one need to be aware of their rights to pursue a legal case to be compensated for what occurred.

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