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May 2015 Archives

The basics of filing a wrongful death lawsuit

Losing a close friend or family members can be one of the hardest things that life can throw at you. It can be even harder to deal with when their death is sudden and caused by the negligence of someone else. When that happens, you're not only left with crushing grief because of your loss, you're left with medical expenses, funeral costs and perhaps a loss of wages. The questions can haunt you. Why did this happen? Who was responsible? How will you keep going?

What is the Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act?

Working on the Louisiana docks as a longshoreman can be one of the most rewarding jobs in the world, but it's also one of the toughest and most dangerous. Employers have an obligation to keep the workplace as safe as possible to avoid injuries on the job, but that's not always the case. Even with safe conditions, accidents can happen and workers can get hurt. Thankfully, when an accident does occur, the Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act exists to provide benefits for occupational diseases and injuries to dock workers. The LHWCA provides benefits such as:

  • Hospital, medical and surgical supplies and services.
  • For disabilities caused by an on-the-job maritime accident, the LHWCA provides compensation that equates to 66 ? percent of the normal weekly salary of the employee.
  • In the case of a death, the widower and widow are entitled to up to $3,000 for funeral costs plus 50 percent of the deceased worker's average wages for one week. These are good for life, or end if the surviving spouse gets remarried. Children under the age of 18 can also receive rewards.

Don?t underestimate the dangers of airsoft guns

What young kid doesn't love to play soldier or cowboy? Children in the United States have been doing it since Revolutionary War times ? the only thing that's changed are the costumes and the guns. In fact, the guns have changed too much. Airsoft guns look and feel just like the real thing, but they are marketed as a toy for children, making them a coveted item for most coming-of-age boys in this country. Airsoft guns, though, are such a dangerous product that many countries, including Malaysia, Thailand and Korea, have banned them completely.

Who?s responsible for an injury on someone else?s property?

When you enter someone else's property, you make a reasonable assumption that the owners have taken steps to keep you safe from potential hazards. Sadly, that's not always the case and millions of Americans suffer injuries as a result, including broken bones, brain trauma and permanent disabilities. Often, owners and insurance companies try to skirt their responsibilities and leave victims unable to work and with a host of ongoing medical bills.

Getting compensation in the aftermath of a plane crash

When you think of a plane crash, in all likelihood, you think of the major ones that are plastered all over the news ? pilots with death wishes, faulty equipment and regulation violations that leave hundreds dead and world in mourning. In reality, though, small plane crashes happen all the time, but they aren't always reported to the media, so we don't often consider the damage they can cause to property and life.

Pregnant woman severely injured in Louisiana auto accident

Every day, millions of Americans get behind the wheel of a car, but few ever give much thought to how dangerous an endeavour it can be. The sad truth is that, even if you consider yourself a safe driver, ultimately, your safety depends on the responsibility of the other driver with whom you share the road. And that's a dangerous prospect. Distracted driving, drunk driving and plain carelessness take the lives of thousands of innocent Americans every year and leave thousands more permanently disabled.

Ford recalls Fusion 2 times in same week

The 2014 Ford Fusion has been recalled by Ford twice in one week all across the nation, including Louisiana. The Ford Fiesta and Lincoln MKZ were also recalled for potential safety issues. The Fusions and Lincolns had the largest recall with 546,000 for the 2013 and 2014 model years. The Fiesta was recalled for model years 2011 to 2014. The recall was for a faulty door latch that can cause the door to open.

IKEA crib mattress recall is extended to more models

In January, IKEA issued a recall on five of its crib mattresses, and on April 30, the company expanded this recall to include four more models. The recall follows the company receiving two complaints of babies becoming stuck between the mattresses and ends of the cribs. The infants were not injured, however. Louisiana parents who have purchased cribs and mattresses from the furniture store need to immediately stop using the mattresses and return them to their local retailer.

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