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October 2012 Archives

Court clarifies "course of employment" for Jones Act claims: part one

We recently wrote about requirements for Jones Act Claims surrounding maritime workplace injuries. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, which hears appeals from U.S. District Courts in Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas, recently offered some additional clarification on when employers may be held liable for employee injuries at sea.

Tighter seat belt rules may have caused dip in passenger deaths

In 2009, the Louisiana Legislature increased the scope of the state's seat belt requirements. While previously only drivers and front-seat passengers were required by law to buckle up, this new law extended that requirement to rear-seat passengers.

American Airlines to address safety concerns over loose seats

Many people share a fear of flying and it's easy to understand why. Cruising high above the ground in a contained space can make the thought of a technical malfunction especially daunting. American Airlines is currently dealing with these concerns as it repairs a problem affecting dozens of its aircraft.

Is your workplace injury covered by the Jones Act?

As many Louisianans know, maritime work is rife with hazards. If you work on or near ships it is important to know your rights in case of a workplace accident or injury. The Jones Act is a federal law that protects the rights of workers at sea. When a seaman is injured because of negligence by his employer he may be entitled to recover damages including medical bills, pain and suffering, and lost wages.

Counterfeit air bags can do more harm than good in a crash

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration held a press release Wednesday alerting motorists to a dangerous defect that could affect thousands of cars in the United States. Counterfeit airbags, some of them faulty, have been unwittingly installed in some car models by repair shops.

EPA lawsuit may set safer standards for oil refinery emissions

Louisiana is home to 17 oil refineries, the third-highest number in the United States. With two of the nation's ten heaviest polluting refineries, Louisiana faces more refinery emissions than any other state except Texas.

Water Balz toys endanger kids and animals

A popular toy known as Water Balz poses a risk of serious harm to children in Louisiana. These balls grow dramatically when wet, in part because they are made of super absorbent polymer; they can quickly become as big as a racquetball. The initially tiny toys, however, are very susceptible to being swallowed by children, especially those too young to understand the danger.

Man develops respiratory problems from microwave popcorn

Most people in Lake Charles expect that their food is safe. If they are worried about food, it is generally a fear of food poisoning, but that can usually be avoided with some care. What about developing respiratory problems after eating microwave popcorn? It is an interesting case that many people in Louisiana may not have heard of, but one man who used to eat microwave popcorn on a daily basis recently won a $7 million verdict after repeatedly breathing in a dangerous chemical compound that was previously found in artificial butter.

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