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April 2012 Archives

Louisiana man injured at sea files lawsuit against employer

This blog has previously covered the different types of maritime workplace injuries and the various federal laws that cover Louisiana employees. The Jones Act covers workers who are injured at sea but generally only applies to seamen. The Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act, however, may sometimes cover injured seamen, but not always.

Suspected drunk-driving accident claims the life of Louisiana man

Drunk driving is a problem in Louisiana and across the country. There is a reason why this dangerous activity is illegal and why there are such harsh criminal penalties: drunk drivers can very easily cause serious and severe accidents. A fatal Louisiana accident is a tragedy and leaves many families wanting to hold the person or persons responsible for the accident liable for the loss of a loved one.

Defective product may have caused tragic, fatal bicycle crash

A bicycle crash earlier this month took the life of a 58-year-old man. Police believe that a defect in the bike may be responsible for the death. The defective product seems to have been the fork in his bicycle which had previously been recalled for a structural weakness.

Increase in fatal accidents on Tax Day may be linked to stress

Imagine driving along the roads of Lake Charles and noticing a lot more people out than usual. It seems odd until you realize it's Tax Day and everyone is trying to get to the post office to mail in their taxes. Unfortunately, despite your careful attention to safe driving, you are hit by another driver and injured. As a car accident victim, however, you do have rights.

Louisiana court to hear maritime injury, negligence complaint

What with the busy Gulf ports, Louisiana is unfortunately the site of many maritime injuries and lawsuits. The federal court in New Orleans is often trying to determine how to provide compensation for victims of maritime accidents in Louisiana, especially those people who are injured while working on a ship.

Guilty plea for pollution violations, potentially harmful to humans

Our Louisiana readers understand that soil pollution can eventually pollute the surrounding waters through rain runoff. Water pollution can eventually contaminate riverbeds, lakebeds and eventually the ocean. Air pollution can harm humans as well as plant and animal life. Our state has laws in place to minimize pollution and to hold polluters responsible for their actions or inactions which may violate those laws.

Louisiana drivers beware: inspectors look into accelerating Fords

There are plenty of Ford Tauruses on the roads of Lake Charles, but Lake Charles residents may not know about the danger their 2005 and 2006 Tauruses may cause. Anytime there is even a threat of a defective motor vehicle it is absolutely essential that a driver get his or her vehicle to a repair shop and have it checked out.

Louisiana maritime workplace injury ends up in federal court

Everyone in Louisiana has the right to a safe workplace. It is true that certain jobs come with more risk and threat of injury than other jobs, but it is a Lake Charles employer's responsibility to train its employees how to do their jobs without putting themselves or others in danger. These same rules apply on the water and anyone who experiences a Louisiana maritime workplace injury can file suit under general maritime law for his or her injuries and pain and suffering.

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