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March 2012 Archives

Improper passing leads to fatal motorcycle crash in Louisiana

Earlier this month, a crash involving a motorcycle and Chrysler 300 turned deadly for the 57-year-old man who was driving the Harley-Davidson on Louisiana Highway 379 near Westlake at about 7:24 a.m.

Single-vehicle accident leaves passenger seriously injured

Imagine sitting in the passenger seat of your friend's car as you ride through the streets of Lake Charles. You expect that he or she is going to take enough care while driving to keep both you and him- or herself safe. What would happen, however, if your friend was driving carelessly or even recklessly? What would happen if he or she got into an accident and you were injured? Although many people don't want to think about filing a lawsuit against a friend, when passengers are injured in a Louisiana single-car crash, they are entitled to compensation from a negligent driver.

Louisiana woman pleads no contest to role in fatal accident

In 2009, a 23-year-old New Roads, Louisiana, mother was killed after a 25-year-old woman from nearby Ventress blew past a red light and crashed into a car that was turning left. An on-duty police officer was nearby and watched the accident unfold, but he was unable to stop what turned into a horrific crash that claimed the life of the mother and injured the driver of the car in which she was riding.

Dangerously high amounts of caffeine could be deadly for teenagers

Parents in Lake Charles have seen them and most likely have had their children ask for them. Energy drinks are all over Louisiana, but the amount of caffeine in a single energy drink could lead to a deadly condition -- caffeine toxicity. While energy drink manufacturers are quick to say these are not dangerous products, a family is missing a 14-year-old girl who died after drinking two 24-ounce drinks in one sitting.

Insurance policies may provide coverage for pedestrians

If a pedestrian is hit by a drunk or negligent driver, typically we expect the driver's insurance to pay for the expenses. But, what if the driver is uninsured? In states such as Louisiana, insurance providers offer what is called uninsured motorist insurance policies that will allow pedestrians who are injured by an uninsured driver to seek compensation for damages.

Baton Rouge bicycle accident caused by two-time drunk driver

Anyone who can drive in Louisiana knows that drunk driving is not only illegal, but that it is extremely dangerous. That does not stop, however, some people from getting behind the wheel after having far too many drinks. For those drunk drivers who have been arrested and convicted of drunk driving once, they will generally learn their lesson and not put others' lives at risk again by driving drunk. But, sadly, there are also some drivers who become repeat drunk drivers.

Semitrailer crash leaves motorcyclist dead in Louisiana

East of Lake Charles, near Lafayette, the Louisiana State Police are investigating an accident that claimed the life of a motorcyclist. The 64-year-old accident victim seems to have been sitting in traffic on Interstate 10 near the Whiskey Bay Bridge at approximately 5:00 p.m. when an 18-wheeler drove right into him, killing him instantly.

Expected regulation will require back-up cameras, prevent deaths

It would chill a Lake Charles parent's heart to hear of a child innocently standing behind a vehicle and being backed over. Unfortunately, this is not just an irrational fear, but a real problem for parents and children across Louisiana and the rest of the country. Although most drivers do not intentionally run children over, these negligent mistakes still cause fatal accidents, traumatizing the family members who lose young children.

CEO resigns after two dozen recalls plague company

The internationally known health care company Johnson & Johnson has received much negative press in the recent months with its numerous product recalls. Since 2009 alone, more than 24 recalls have been issued. Although the company has yet to report any injuries linked to their dangerous products, it may be a matter of time before someone ingests what they thought was a safe Johnson & Johnson product. Should that happen, an injured consumer may have legal recourse against the company by filing a products liability lawsuit.

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