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February 2012 Archives

Diabetes drug linked to bladder cancer, Louisiana judge hears case

The people of Lake Charles are well-aware that diabetes is ravaging the country. As more people are diagnosed with this serious condition, there will be an increased demand for viable diabetes treatments, but Louisiana residents should be able to expect that these treatments aren't dangerous products that will cause serious side effects.

Louisiana woman dies in crash with 18-wheeler truck

An 86-year old Lacombe, Louisiana, woman recently suffered fatal injuries when her Chrysler sedan struck a Freightliner 18-wheeler truck. The driver of the Freightliner is currently facing charges of negligent homicide and prohibited turning in a curve, as it was determined that he was trying to make an illegal U-turn at the time the fatal motor vehicle accident occurred.

Sulphur man arrested twice for drunk driving in one day

There is a reason why drunk driving is against the law in Louisiana and across the country; it is extremely likely that a drunk driver will cause severe damage in his or her inebriated state, so much so that communities like Lake Charles can't risk having drunk drivers on the roads. When someone drives while intoxicated, he or she should be held responsible for the damage he or she causes.

Louisiana residents exposed to arsenic in many common foods

Many people in Louisiana have started shopping for organic foods believing they are more nutritious and better than foods that have been overly processed or sprayed with insecticide, but a new study shows that may not be entirely true. The study has discovered high levels of cancer in many organic foods and baby formulas that contain organic brown rice syrup, potentially making them unsafe products.

Head-on collision leaves four Louisiana men dead

Not only is it illegal for a motorist to drive the wrong way down a divided highway, but it is incredibly dangerous. Because most freeways have signs that clearly indicate whether a driver is travelling the wrong way, there is no excuse for a driving into on-coming traffic on the interstate. Sadly, when drivers do end up going the wrong way, they put all other motorists at risk for a potentially serious car crash.

Single-cup coffee maker recalled after 37 people suffer burns

Across Louisiana, coffee is an extremely important part of people's mornings. Whether it is a rushed cup of coffee on the way to work or a mug while leisurely reading the Sunday paper, there are many people in Lake Charles who drink coffee. The people of Lake Charles will need to be careful while they enjoy their next cup of coffee, however, after a popular single-cup coffee maker has been recalled for causing second-degree burns on 37 people.

Moment of distraction sends car into tree, injures passengers

Everyone in Lake Charles should know how important it is to pay attention to the road while driving. There have been stories of people in Louisiana and across the country who become distracted by something, often a phone or text message, and end up causing serious accidents. Unfortunately, there is more than just a cellphone that can distract a young driver and, in this story, a 17-year-old driver seems to have turned around to get something in the backseat, sending her car off the road and into a tree.

Community remembers, mourns deputy's death in Louisiana

Safe driving requires considerable focus and attention, and even the slightest distraction could change someone's life forever. The family and friends a Louisiana police officer know just how true that is after the 41-year-old Calcasieu Deputy suffered severe injuries during a head-on car accident while on duty. The fatal accident has left many reeling in Louisiana.

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