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January 2012 Archives

Leaking lunch boxes could poison pets, humans

If you bring food to work or school in a lunch box, you may need to check the insulation after a company has recently recalled 248,000 of its lunch boxes. While companies that participate in voluntary recalls are admitting that something is wrong with their products, not everyone is aware when recalls happen. Anyone in Louisiana that is injured by an unsafe product can seek compensation from the manufacturer who made, marketed and sold the defective product.

Car accident victim sues state over 40-car pile-up in Louisiana

Lake Charles residents may remember hearing a news story coming out of New Orleans of a 40-car pile-up last month. Now, one of the car accident victims is suing the owner of the marshland that has been burning for months, the city of New Orleans and the state of Louisiana. The man has alleged that the smoke from the marshland fire reduced visibility on the highway, which led to the 40-vehicle crash and his injuries. When the smoke is mixed with heavy fog, it is even harder to see.

Authorities investigate Louisiana helicopter accident

Imagine a loved one boarding a train, plane or car and heading out for a trip. If something happened and the family member tragically died, what would you do? Many Louisiana families would be rightfully upset, wondering what caused the accident. While it is certainly necessary to grieve, a family who has experienced a fatal accident may also find it important to file a wrongful death lawsuit to hold someone responsible for a loved one's death.

Louisiana passenger killed in single-vehicle car crash

When you are riding in a car with a friend, do you worry about how safely that friend is driving? For many people in Louisiana, it does not even cross their mind that if their friend crashes his or her car, they may find themselves suing their friend for careless driving. In some of the most tragic cases, however, the surviving family members may be the ones to sue the negligent driver if their relative dies in the car accident.

Louisiana family files lawsuit against camp ground

Going camping is a rite of passage for most children. However, when and unforeseeable circumstances happen, it's a memory any family would want to forget. Last June, a flash flood hit and swept 20 people to their deaths at the Albert Pike Recreation Area near Glenwood, Arkansas, taking campers by surprise. A federal tort claim has been filed in the wrongful deaths of these individuals against the U.S. Forest Service and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Defective manufacturing prompts recall of many popular medicines

You have a headache and you need something right now, what do you do? If you said "Take some Excedrin," you may not be that different than many others in Lake Charles, but Louisiana residents need to be extra careful before they put any medicine by Novartis AG in their mouths. The pharmaceutical giant may be known for medicines such as Gas-X Prevention, NoDoz, Bufferin and Excedrin, but they may now also be known for defective medications after manufacturing problems led to a recall of these four popular drugs.

Louisiana official believes space heaters caused two deaths

Space heaters can be found across Louisiana this winter, but should you have to worry about how safe the product is? If it is sold in stores, shouldn't you be able to follow the directions and not be preoccupied about the danger of fire? The answer is, of course, yes. No one in Lake Charles should be in danger from their consumer products and if they are, they should be able to hold the manufacturer responsible for the unsafe product.

Louisiana man strikes, kills pedestrian on Interstate 190

In Louisiana, when a motorist's driver's license is suspended, it generally means he or she did something wrong to lose it. Whether the motorist was previously drinking and driving or just accrued too many traffic violations for reckless driving, no one should be driving on a suspended license. Until the former motorist can prove to the state that he or she is capable of driving safely, he or she should stay off the road.

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