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November 2011 Archives

Federal researchers seek oil-spill workers to study health effects

Everyone in Louisiana remembers the oil spill that devastated Louisiana's beaches, wildlife and fishing industries last year. After an explosion on a BP oil well that sent endless gallons of crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico finally came to an end, questions started to arise about what kind of medical and health effects would oil exposure have on the people of Louisiana. Now, federal researchers from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences are looking for people who helped clean up the oil and see if their medical conditions are related to or caused by the oil.

Company recalls about 1,400 boxes of dangerous tampons

Louisiana women may need to head out for a new box of tampons after personal health giant Kimberly-Clark recently issued a press release admitting responsibility for selling approximately 1,400 boxes of tampons contaminated with dangerous bacteria. According to the Huffington Post, tampons have tested positive for the bacterium Enterobacter sakazakii, which could lead to pelvic inflammatory disease, vaginal infections or life-threatening illnesses. Other sources say the plastic tubing containing the bacteria could also cause urinary tract infections.

Louisiana mother asks for closure after fatal hit-and-run

Mothers should not need to bury their children and it is especially tragic when a mother must bury her son because of a horrific car crash. After her son became the victim of a fatal car accident, a Louisiana mother is desperate to find the driver who hit her son near the Irish Bayou exit of Interstate 10 in New Orleans. Although this mother said she could have forgiven the driver who struck her son if he or she had stopped to help, she is upset that the motorist drove away without calling for an ambulance.

Two out of five drivers admit to falling asleep behind the wheel

If someone were to ask you whether drowsy driving was dangerous, what would you say? Is it dangerous just to yawn? Is it dangerous when you have to listen to loud music to keep yourself awake? It is likely that most people in Lake Charles would say that once you start to fall asleep behind the wheel it is definitely dangerous, but the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety says that any drowsy driving can cause serious car accidents.

Magnetic office toys could cause serious injuries to children

Louisiana parents know that they need to protect their children from dangerous objects, such as knives, glass and heavy weights. While it is clear that these things could serious injure or kill a child, it may surprise many people in Lake Charles that the small, ball bearing magnets that many people have as toys are dangerous products, especially to children.

Mother wants closure in possible wrongful death case

A mother whose son was killed in a hit-and-run car accident wants the public to help her identify the driver who killed her son. If the driver is identified, a wrongful death suit could possible by filed. The hit-and-run accident occurred over Halloween weekend and happened in eastern New Orleans. The mother says she would have forgiven the driver had he or she stopped to help her son. The driver left the scene of the accident and the mother is now without her 23-year-old son.

Noise of car engines may help prevent car accidents involving pedestrians

Think about the last time you went for a walk or a bike ride in Lake Charles. Did you listen to the sound of traffic to determine whether there was an oncoming vehicle? Pedestrians and bicyclists often use the sound of car engines to help them be aware of their surroundings. Hybrid and electric cars emit little sound at low speeds and as more electric cars hit the roadway the sound of approaching traffic may lessen. With fewer roadway sounds, the streets may become more dangerous for pedestrians.

The cost of fatal car accidents

When people get into car accidents in the Lake Charles area we normally think about the emotional impact for the victims and loved ones. Only later do we think about the cost of car accidents as we turn to the legal system to assess responsibility and liability. In an effort to better understand the monetary costs of fatal car accidents the auto club AAA recently completed a report on the issue.

New technology may challenge effort to reduce distracted driving accidents

Every year car accidents caused by distracted driving occur in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Legislators and members of law enforcement across the country have passed and enforced distracted driving laws in various states. It seems just as the law has caught up with technology, new developments in communications like voice-activated systems may challenge the law again.

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