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September 2011 Archives

Reebok settles product liability suit with the FTC

The athletic shoe and apparel company, Reebok, has decided to settle with the Federal Trade Commission over product liability issues that stem from the company's toning shoes. Reebok promised consumers that their RunTone running shoes and EasyTone walking shoes would strengthen muscles in the legs, thighs and buttocks. The shoe company's promises have not been scientifically proven and as a result the Federal Trade Commission charged Reebok with false advertising.

Failure to yield major cause of car crashes in Louisiana

The failure to yield is a major cause of car accidents in Louisiana. According to the Louisiana State University Highway Safety Research Group, the failure to yield accounted for the second leading citation drivers in Louisiana were hit with last year. Drivers who failed to yield either took a chance and pulled out in front of oncoming traffic or did not see oncoming traffic. Either way accidents that involved drivers who failed to yield resulted in over 8,000 injuries and 57 deaths.

Some smartphone apps may help prevent car accidents

When you drive around Lake Charles, how often do you see people texting and driving? How often do you see people paying more attention to their cellphone than the road in front of them? There is no doubt that cellphones cause distracted driving which increases the risk of getting into a car accident. Smartphone applications may currently be a part of the problem, but some smartphone applications may help drivers help themselves.

More cable barriers in Louisiana to reduce head-on car accidents

Every year people traveling the highways in Louisiana are hurt or killed in car accidents. One of the worst types of car crashes is a head-on collision, and the impact of a head-on collision is made worse on the highway because of high speed limits. To reduce the number of head-on collisions in Louisiana, additional cable barriers will be installed next month on areas of Interstate 10 between Baton Rouge and New Orleans.

Graduated driver's license laws produce mixed results when it comes to car accidents

Every state including Louisiana has graduated driver's license laws. Though every state's graduated driver's license laws are different, the overall point of the laws is to reduce the number of car accidents among teenagers by requiring greater experience before an unrestrained license is given. The results of a recent study that measured the effectiveness of the laws around the country shows that graduated driver's license laws produce mixed results when it comes to preventing car accidents.

To reduce car and truck accidents, NTSB recommends texting and cell phone ban for truckers

The National Transportation Safety Board recently recommended to all states including Louisiana that truckers and other commercial drivers should be banned from texting and cell phone use while behind the wheel in order to prevent and reduce truck and car accidents. The recommendation came on the news of the cause of a fatal car accident triggered by a distracted truck driver who was on his cell phone.

Deckhand from Louisiana sues employer under Jones Act

A deckhand from Jefferson Parish, Louisiana has filed a claim against his employer under the Jones Act. The Jones Act allows sailors and seamen to file actions against their employers for the negligence of ship owners, captains or other members of the ship's crew. More simply, it generally allows sailors to file personal injury claims against their employers. The deckhand from Jefferson Parish has filed an action against his employer for failing to properly supervise and train him.

To reduce car accidents, drivers paid to be recorded

Many drivers in Louisiana get frustrated with red-light cameras positioned at traffic lights. To some drivers, the idea of being recorded as they pass through a public intersection is an invasion of privacy. Their ideas about driving being recorded may change if they were told they could be recorded to reduce car accidents and that they would be paid for their participation. Drivers who are participating in a national study to research driving behaviors are doing just that - being paid to have their driving habits recorded.

Fans can relax; Justin Bieber's car accident was minor

Celebrity magazines like to make comparisons between celebrities and everyday people. One popular section in celebrity magazines is the section that shows celebrities engage in everday activities like non-celebrities. As it turns out, celebrities, just like the rest of us can get into car accidents. Fans of Justin Bieber should not worry because the car accident the star pop singer got into was only a minor one.

Product liability suit filed against maker of knee replacements

A man from Texas who underwent a knee replacement surgery has filed a product liability suit against the maker of his replacement knee. Defective products and surgeries are stressful enough when not combined but when an allegedly defective product is a part of a replacement surgery, the stress is sure to be overwhelming. The knee replacement at the heart of the product liability case loosens after surgery and requires a second replacement surgery.

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