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August 2011 Archives

Parents win product liability suit against car-maker

The parents of a 19-year-old girl from Texas have won a product liability suit against the car manufacturer Hyundai. The 19-year-old girl was involved in a car accident while she was reclined in Hyundai Tucson SUV. A jury initially ruled that the car seat the teenager was reclined in during the wreck was defectively designed and an appellate court agreed with the jury's decision.

First wrongful death lawsuit filed for Indiana State Fair stage collapse

Two weekends ago a tragic accident occurred at the Indiana State Fairgrounds. The main concert stage at the fair collapsed because of strong wind gusts on August 13, and the collapse occurred just before the popular country band Sugarland was about to perform. Seven people died and 40 more people were injured because of the stage collapse. The most recent death related to the stage collapse occurred this past Monday afternoon.

One of Google's automated cars gets in first accident

Google is famous for its search-engine services, advertising services and most recently its work in smartphone operating systems, but Google has a hand in other technological areas as well. One such technological area is the development of automated cars. For some time Google has been testing its small fleet of automated cars without mishap, but recently a Google car got into its first car accident.

DWI checkpoints, car accidents and social media in Calcasieu Parish

Despite public education and law enforcement efforts, drinking and driving remains a major cause of car accidents in Louisiana. One tool that law enforcement departments and agencies use to combat drinking and driving accidents is DWI checkpoints. A couple months ago we wrote about the use of smartphone applications in identifying the locations of DWI checkpoints. Now there are specific social media pages dedicated to DWI checkpoints in Lake Charles and Baton Rouge as well as other communities in Calcasieu Parish.

Car accidents in Louisiana may eventually be stopped by the brain

When you drive down Interstate 10 or Interstate 210 in Lake Charles, it can be a fine idea to be a defensive driver in order to avoid an automobile accident. One tactic that some people use as a defensive driving tactic is to switch their foot from their accelerator to their brake as they approach busy traffic. The time it takes to switch between accelerator and brake can sometimes be the difference between a car accident and a near-miss. One group of researchers in Germany has taken that idea one step further.

Number of distracted driving car accidents underreported

Last week we wrote about how the widespread spread use of smartphones and smartphone applications is starting to contribute to the number of distracted driving car accidents in Louisiana and elsewhere. We also wrote about how texting and smartphone app use while driving represents a new and nefarious form of distracted driving that captures the focus of drivers for a longer period of time. Though we know that distracted driving is dangerous current statistics do not tell the entire story.

Family of Iraq veteran who died in rollercoaster accident file wrongful death suit

The family of a 29-year-old Iraq War veteran who was killed in a rollercoaster accident has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the amusement park where the rollercoaster is located. The deceased war veteran's loved ones say the 29-year-old was incorrectly allowed to board the Ride of Steel rollercoaster because the veteran did not have any legs. Improper employee training led to the unnecessary death according to the attorney of the family.

Smartphone apps becoming equal danger to texting while behind the wheel

We all know that the use of cellphones while behind the wheel is a dangerous distraction that causes many serious car accidents in Louisiana every year. Changes in electronic and communication technology over the last decade have created an unprecedented distracted driving danger -- longer periods of distraction. As research shows the importance of texting ban laws, our focus on distracted driving will likely have to expand to cell phone applications as more and more people purchase and use smartphones when driving.

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