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July 2011 Archives

Some children more prone to pedestrian car accidents than others

Some children may be more prone to pedestrian car accidents than other children. The children that are more prone are children with ADHD according to a new study. Children with ADHD may be more likely to get hit by a car than children without the attention disorder. The reason why has less to do with following the rules than it has to do with applying the rules.

Source of funds leads to non-participation in federal products liability settlement

The source of funds for a federal products liability settlement based in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana has led to non-participation by some plaintiffs' attorneys. The subject of the federal product liability lawsuit is defective Chinese drywall. At least one attorney involved in representing 170 homeowners from Florida says he will not participate in the proposed settlement because the source of the funds is from the drywall supplier's insurance companies rather than from the drywall supplier.

Some of nation's beaches suffer environmental land contamination and water contamination

The beaches in the United States are subjected to more environmental land contamination and water contamination than many beach-goers probably realize. A recent study shows that contamination is still a big problem at beaches in the United States. Beaches in the southeast and northeast regions of the country have the cleanest ratings. Louisiana, perhaps unsurprisingly, has the country's highest rate of beach contamination.

Riding with grandma and grandpa may be safer for the kids

Statistically, older drivers have a greater chance of getting into a car accident than younger drivers, and a recent study wanted to test that theory when it came to grandparents taking their grandchildren out for a ride. The authors of the study believed that child passengers would experience more injuries from car accidents with their grandparents than their parents; however, the results of the study did not match the authors' expectations. Unsurprisingly, it seems grandparents are extremely careful when their grandkids are in the car.

Parents sue amusement park for wrongful death of girl killed in Ferris wheel accident

The parents of an 11-year-old girl who died after falling from a Ferris wheel last month have filed a wrongful death suit against the amusement park where the ride was located. The young girl's untimely death and the tragic death of a 29-year-old veteran who suffered fatal injuries from a rollercoaster have put the safety of amusement park rides in the news.

New distracted driving programs found effective

Distracted driving is a major cause of car accidents in Louisiana, but some have argued that cellphone and texting while driving bans create more accidents than they prevent. That notion will likely be challenged by the positive results of two distracted driving pilot programs. The two programs are based on heightened law enforcement and a media blitz aimed at educating the public on the issue.

Four car accidents over last weekend remind drivers and passengers to buckle up

Many people still choose to forego seat belts while in the car even though seat belts have been proven to save lives. Some believe seat belts are uncomfortable while others trust in their own driving but forget their steering wheel does not control other drivers on the road. Finally, some people just forget. Four tragic auto accidents that occurred over last holiday weekend should remind drivers and passengers in Louisiana to buckle up.

New study concludes any amount of alcohol may contribute to unsafe driving

We all know drinking and driving is a major cause of serious injuries and fatal car accidents. In Louisiana and across much of the United States the blood alcohol limit is 0.08 percent. Driving with a blood alcohol content below 0.08 percent is legal and believed to be safe; however, a new study challenges that idea and concludes that any amount of alcohol before driving is unsafe.

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