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June 2011 Archives

To prevent distracted driving car accidents, time to buckle up the dog

Distracted driving is the root of many auto accidents in Louisiana and across the United States. Distracted driving has a wide definition as being any activity that takes the driver's concentration away from the road. When thought about in the context of distracted driving, one time honored activity, driving with the pet dog, is more dangerous than many people acknowledge. As a result driving with an unrestrained pet is starting to appear on the radar of safe driving advocates.

Documentary on McDonald's Coffee Case challenges Americans to think about "Frivolous" Lawsuits

The documentary "Hot Coffee" debuts next Monday, June 27 at 8 p.m. Central Standard Time on HBO. The documentary is a challenge to and an analysis on the American public's long-held belief that the plaintiff in the McDonald's Coffee Case profited from spilling hot coffee on her lap and therefore abused the legal system. While the coffee case was a product liability case, the documentary also looks at three other personal injury cases to challenge the notion of frivolous lawsuits and demonstrates how tort reform threatens civil rights.

Majority of teen drivers experience near miss car accidents

How often have you driven down the road and witnessed another driver take the shoulder to avoid the rush of brakes lights in front of him? How often have you seen another driver slam on the brakes to avoid a rear-end car accident? These types of incidents are called "near miss" accidents. Drivers with any amount of experience have either witnessed other drivers commit near miss car accidents or have committed near miss accidents themselves. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the majority of teen drivers have experienced near miss accidents.

Most teen car accidents occur in the summer

Summer time is generally a laid back time for everyone. Full of vacations and group activities, many people choose the summer time to enjoy themselves. Parents; however, should be aware that summer time is the season when most teen auto accidents occur. As usual it means that while everyone else gets to enjoy themselves, parents need to stay at the top of their game to help ensure the safety of their teenage drivers over the summer.

Supplier of defective Chinese drywall agrees to settlement

The supplier of defective Chinese drywall has settled a products liability suit for $55 million, but the preliminary settlement must still be approved by a federal judge in New Orleans, Louisiana. The products liability case stems from defective drywall sheets that were used in hundreds of Florida homes. The settlement accuses the supplier of the defective Chinese drywall of lying about the safety of the product.

Recent inflatable ride accidents may demonstrate product liability issues

A string of inflatable amusement ride accidents may be caused by product liability issues. Over the last two months, at least 10 inflatable amusement rides like bounce houses or inflatable slides have collapsed from weight or toppled from wind. The amusement ride failures have injured over 40 people with the most recent one sending 13 people to the hospital.

Louisiana man pleads guilty to drinking and driving car accident

Despite the efforts of public information campaigns and law enforcement, drinking and driving remains a major cause of car accidents every year in Louisiana. Drivers who drink before they drive often believe they are sober enough to drive home. When drivers make the mistake of drinking and driving, it is often the drivers and passengers of other automobiles that pay the price.

U.S. closes product liability investigation of Toyota Corolla

The last two years for Toyota Motor Company has been fraught with huge recalls concerning products liability issues for its vehicles. Recently, car manufacturer regulators in the United States have not found any electronic steering mechanism defects in Toyota's Corollas and as a result have closed the products liability investigation.

Family files wrongful death suit against maker of Four Loko for death of son

The family of a teenage boy who consumed Four Loko before being fatally struck by a car has filed a wrongful death suit against Phusion Projects the maker of the beverage. Weeks after the death of the teenager Phusion Projects removed caffeine and other stimulants from Four Loko at the behest of the FDA. Despite the beverage company's move, the family's attorney says the alcoholic drink remains targeted at underage consumers.

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