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January 2011 Archives

New thoughts about teen driving derived from new study

A new study on teenage driving that was conducted by State Farm Insurance and the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia may change the general perspective of teenage driving from focusing on the teenage driver to those who can be hurt by a teenage caused car accident. The study shows that 30 percent of people who are fatally injured from a teenage driver are not in the teenage driver's car. According to the new study one-third of those killed by teen drivers are pedestrians, occupants of other vehicles and bicyclists.

Dogs contribute to distracted driving

Over the last year traffic safety advocates have focused on educating the public on the dangers of distracted driving. We have all heard how using a handheld cell phone, texting, eating and even listening to music can contribute to a lack of concentration that leads to a car accident. Now dogs have made the list. Whether your dog is "chillin" out the window or making a mess in your backseat, unrestrained dogs have been identified as a cause of car accidents.

An Attempt to Reduce Car Accidents Caused by Alcohol

One city in California, recently proposed a novel idea on how to reduce the number of car accidents caused by alcohol in the city, publically shame offenders on Facebook. A Huntington Beach, California city councilman proposed publically shaming repeat DUI offenders on Facebook as a way to reduce the number of drinking and driving accidents in the city. The councilman proposed the idea because the local newspaper stopped printing the city's arrest logs.

Louisiana Highways are the Safest in Two Decades

According to preliminary car accident statistics for the year 2010, the roads and highways of Louisiana are the safest in two decades. The number of fatal traffic accidents is at its lowest since the state's Safety Commission started keeping track of data in 1992. In 2007, the state of Louisiana saw its highest amount of deaths that resulted from car accidents with 993. Over the last three years the number of annual traffic deaths has decreased by more than 300 to 687. The preliminary statistics come from Louisiana State University's Highway Safety Research Group.

Consumer Product Safety Meeting in China Proves Unfruitful

A meeting the head of the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, Inez Tenenbaum, had with her Chinese counterpart proved unfruitful in holding Chinese companies accountable for defective drywall the companies produced. Inez Tenenbaum recently met with the Chinese government's Administration of Quality, Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine to discuss consumer product safety and product liability issues. The meeting between the two countries' respective safety commission concluded Wednesday.

Schools Built on Contaminated Sites is a Growing Trend

School districts across the country are building new schools on ground fraught with possible environmental land contamination. The trend is not limited to urban area school districts as the same trend is also occurring in rural areas. In many areas of the United States there are no longer areas that have not been touched by industrial or agricultural contamination.

The Use of Seat Belts Differs Across the Country

Even though the use of seat belts has been around for decades and even though it is accepted common knowledge that seat belt use reduces injury in car accidents, there remain significant differences in how different areas of the country and how different demographics of drivers and passengers choose to use seat belts. West Coast states have the highest percentage of seat belt use while Northern Plains States have the lowest.

Toyota Settles Wrongful Death Suit Involving Fatal Car Crash

Toyota Motor Corp has agreed to pay $10 million to settle a wrongful death lawsuit that involved the death of a California state trooper and members of his family. The state trooper and three members of his family died in a car crash that involved a Toyota vehicle that had a sticky accelerator. The lawsuit was a part of a multitude of legal actions brought against the company for vehicles that accelerated unintentionally. The lawsuit was brought by the state trooper's family.

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