Other Injuries

For many victims after a crash, their injuries are serious and life-changing. For many their injuries will take months or years to fully heal. Some injuries never fully heal. With our vast experience in all types of injuries over the years, our team of seasoned attorneys can handle almost any type of injury case. From brain and head trauma to spinal cord damage and birth injuries, we are here to help you and your family seek justice.

Seeking Justice For You And Your Family

You will find that above all, our goal is the end result of justice for you. Whether this is through negotiations to a settlement agreement that meets your needs or going through trial, we have the knowledge and skills to help you. You can read about our past case results and successes to see just how we have done that for clients in the past.

Reach out to us in Lake Charles, Louisiana, and tell your injury story to one of our dedicated lawyers. We can then discuss your legal options and how we can move forward together.

Types Of Serious Injuries

While we recognize and handle all types of injury cases, here are some common serious injuries that we have successfully represented in the past:

  • Brain trauma: From a concussion to a traumatic brain injury (TBI), these are injuries that often mean permanent damage affecting mobility, speech and even personality. Rehabilitation is often required and very costly.

  • Burns and lacerations: The road to recovery after a serious burn injury is long and emotionally taxing. We are here to seek justice for your pain and suffering.

  • Cerebral palsy and other birth injuries: A birth injury that is often preventable, let us review your case to determine all potential liable parties, from the OB-GYN to the physician who delivered your child.

  • Orthopedic trauma and injuries: Broken and fractured bone cases are not to be taken lightly. Serious cases require multiple orthopedic surgery and rehabilitation therapy.

  • Spinal cord injuries: Many times permanent, spinal cord damage can result in paraplegia or quadriplegia. We can help you seek the compensation required to cover long-term health care costs for this devastating injury.

We Are Here To Help You

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