Soil Contamination

Protecting Landowners Following Environmental Pollution

As oil is developed from the ground, four things come to the surface: oil, gas, gasoline and brine (a salt water solution). Brine is contaminated with chlorides, and just a small amount has the power to poison thousands of gallons of fresh water.

The process used to clean up brine is costly and time consuming. Oil companies often cut corners at the expense of the land and those individuals who will be affected by the brine. They often try to dispose of the water through underground injections, pumping the brine back deep into the earth. The injections often travel through fresh water layers, though, and each time there is the possibility the pumping will infect the fresh water.

The salt water brine is toxic to fields, animals and humans. It can cause widespread devastation of land. Oil companies not only are aware of this but also understand that their cheap and lazy methods of disposal will inevitably lead to fresh water and soil contamination. Better methods of disposal are available to these companies, but they continue to use cheap and dangerous means with no regard for the impact they will have.

Now, the state is littered with abandoned pits that have never been properly cleaned up or closed. These pits are causing widespread contamination, which has been a major part of the landowners' environmental law claims for property damage.

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