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"Ground water is a vital and indispensable source of fresh drinking water. In Louisiana, approximately two-thirds of all residents get their drinking water from ground water sources." — J. Michael Veron

Over the last 100 years, big oil and gas companies have come into the state of Louisiana, developing for resources using methods that wreak havoc on our natural fresh water sources, as well as land and soil. Louisiana state regulatory agencies have done little to address the problem of keeping it in check — at the direct cost to the landowner and with no regard for the stripping of the land.

Since these companies are not going to regulate themselves, it is up to the individual landowners to hold them accountable for their negligent and reckless actions.

Louisiana Environmental Law Attorney

At Veron, Bice, Palermo & Wilson, LLC, we work with landowners and local interests to hold the companies responsible for the damage they have caused to individual sections of land, whether that involves not paying royalties due or neglecting to clean up the contamination they have caused.

Our Louisiana land and soil contamination attorneys represent landowner interests in a full range of environmental damage concerns, including:

In addition to the environmental law matters we handle, we also pursue civil litigation in matters involving:

We are thoroughly prepared for each case in which we file grievances. Through a process of expert investigation and review of the records documenting the matter, we make it our job to know everything that is to be known about what happened on that property and how it could have been prevented. Armed with this information, we face off against big oil and gas representation to fight for equitable restitution for our clients.

We achieve justice one case at a time. Each case receives our hallmark level of aggressive and sophisticated representation.

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Each client is provided a free initial consultation to determine how much contamination has occurred and what steps must be taken to seek justice.

To speak with one of our skilled lawyers, please contact our Louisiana law firm today at 337-310-1600 or toll free at 877-300-8680.

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