On the Mississippi, oil spill is to blame for stalling shipping traffic

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As Lake Charles readers probably have heard, a 16-mile stretch of the Mississippi River was closed after a barge struck a railroad bridge in late January. One recent tally had the number of vessels that were kept idle by the spill at 54.

Recently, environmental officials said they estimate the accident resulted in some 7,000 gallons of oil leaking into the river.

On top of that, some more concerning information has come to light that , unfortunately, seems to be somewhat representative of the way the oil and gas industry treats rules and regulations:

  • The presence of the 7,000 gallons of oil aboard the barge in the first place was not accounted for. In other words, officials never knew this barge was carrying such a large quantity of petroleum products.
  • The company that owns the barge, Texas-based Third Coast Towing, has not issued any sort of statement regarding the spill, let alone any sort of explanation or apology.

To be blunt, our nation cannot permit the Mississippi, one of the most vital of its shipping routes, be closed to shipping traffic, especially if the reason it is closed is arrogance or chicanery. Each year, millions of tons of commodities and goods flow up and down the river; one trade group estimates that the loss caused by each day ships are kept idle to be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

We encourage everyone in Louisiana, Mississippi and the rest of the Gulf Coast region to think seriously about whether we are comfortable accepting this kind of treatment.

Source: The Associated Press, "MS barge leaked 7,000 gallons of oil," Jan. 30, 2013

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